Airy Lace Shell…a lesson learned

So I managed to finish working in all the loose ends, which, by the way, took all of two hours.  Ugh!  I had my misgivings after I first started working on this project that maybe I shouldn’t have chosen this particular one because I look like a barn.  But it looked so pretty, I had to!  Oh, well.  I’ll look like a barn when I wear it!  And yes,the armholes are a bit long so I photoshopped my bra out of a

The cool, collected look


sense of decency and decorum.  I was also surprised that this shirt isn’t more see-through….not that I wanted that.  And it truly is airy because of the open weave.  While I was making it, I doubted that it would be something I could wear in temperatures over 50°F because the top must weigh close to three pounds.

The pattern instructions say this is an intermediate project, but I disagree.  I believe all but the most absolute beginner could finish this.  It’s fast and fun and the pattern is available for free at:


10 thoughts on “Airy Lace Shell…a lesson learned

  1. That’s so lovely Glenda, good job. You know, I’ve been looking for a pattern very similar to make a sleeveless tunic from…I think with a bit of adaptation this one may well work, thanks for the link 🙂

  2. I dont think you you look like a barn,,, It is very cute! I have been thinking of making this. I just started the Shell Shell pattern by Kim Guzman on Ravelry… When I’m done I may try this one!

  3. I actually made that shell, in a hot pink cotton yarn. It came out great. I wear it with a knit camisole underneath, in a contrast color, for a bit of oomph! 😉 I think yours is very pretty too.

    Following your blog now. 🙂

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