An interesting notion…

Drop the F Bomb · Purple Clover.

So here’s the problem.  My generation was the one the author associated with.  My birthday crosses the line between the Baby Boomer/GenX time-wise.  So what she seems to be saying here is that we didn’t cuss in our young days?  Wow.  Here’s one Baby Boomer/GenX’er that has a distinct issue with over usage of the F Bomb.  I have offended people with my coarse, uneducated, vituperative language.  (nyah)  I must admit, though, that I try to keep a lid on the f*bombs, s*bombs and what have you while I’m in the presence of children.  Otherwise, you’re on your own.

In my mind, the absence of cursing doesn’t necessarily reflect a higher education or even an expanded vocabulary.  To me, that means the person in question has either had a blessed life or approaches adversity with a good attitude…and sometimes both.  Since I fit into neither of those categories, I curse.  (fists clenched with rage and facing the sky “Damn you, cursing!)  Actually, I am working on the attitude thing.  I don’t ever expect to be a Pollyanna – and by the way, who can deal with that all the time? – but I would like to make the transition from having to always fight the blues to maybe dealing with them on special occasions, thereby making me more of a pragmatic person.    And there you have it.


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