The Scary Part


Knitting is all done – yay!

DSC_0001 (2)-1


So here we are, dawdling over this purse of mine.  I have procrastinated and made excuses  and have had all other sorts of busy life has got “in the way” events; in fact, this post is a clever means for me to delay some more!  I’m scared, you guys.  I still have to make the lining and the pockets and put in the magnetic snap and affix the strap and…wah!  I even bought another sewing machine (for cheap, of course!) so now I’ll have to learn how the basics work – and it is a basic sewing machine – before I can continue.  Oh, golly.  It’ll take me all of 15 minutes to figure it out once I sit down.

To put another fly in my ointment, I discovered that in my zeal to get this puppy finished, I miscounted.  By one bloody stitch.  But I ain’t going back, nor am I going to start all over on this one.  I’ll just have to live with it and hope no one else notices.  Since we’re all friends here, I’ll show you,  just don’t tell anyone!

Oops – and I was steaming when I found it. grrrr

It’s so obvious, you’d think I would have seen it in time; however, I was at least three inches above the boo-boo before I noticed it.  I’d been going back on this one so many times, you’d think I’d never knit a pattern before, and this was the straw that broke this camel’s back!   At least it’s only on one side…sigh.

My dogs are barking because they need to be exercised, meaning I get to be exercised, meaning I get to wait a little while longer before I tackle the sewing machine!  I bet you haven’t seen such elaborate ruses to avoid something before!  LOL!

Hopefully, next time I write about this, we’ll have a functioning purse going on.


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