The Apron is Finished

This is only the beginning!

This is only the beginning!

So while my wrists were taking a break, my scalp was taking a beating….because I was pulling my hair out in frustration!  I am one of those kind of learners that requires making a handful of mistakes before getting it right.  And this time was no different.  First, I purchased the material and the pattern about 5 years ago.  I remember taking it home and trying to lay the tracing paper correctly over the material to cut out the pieces.  That didn’t work.  I had to take it back to the local Joann’s and find out how to do it.  When the clerk told me how (this is one of those small town Joann’s where the employees know what they’re talking about, contrary to the one I frequent now) to lay out the tracing paper.  That little trip took all the steam out of the project and it sat on various shelves – we’ve moved twice since then – until earlier this month.  Thank goodness I remember what the clerk told me!  So, away I went.  And without looking at the pattern itself, after much agonizing over the instructions, I finished.  Notice the craftsmanship, the colors,…the upside-down dog pattern!  I honestly thought it went both ways, so I paid no attention to it.  But you know what?  I want to make more!  More!  Love it!

Next, cool owl mittens!


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