A Vanity Piece


Do I look 35? My niece said I would. Somehow, I think I’ve been lied to, but in a considerate way!! LOL Notice the clever placement of my hands so you don’t see the turkey neck!


The royal wave…

As I look at my new hair color juxtapositioned with my face, I remember thinking as an ignorant 30-something, how I would never be one of those ladies whose hair doesn’t match their face.  I think what compelled me more than anything else was that I missed the shine my hair used to have; each individual strand glimmering with vibrance.  Does this mean I’m vain?  I’m to the point where I almost don’t care.  And let me emphasize the “almost”.  The beauty and terror of growing older is knowing yourself, what you want and who you are…mostly.  That’s why older people are less inclined to try the newest food craze or sport or what have you that comes down the pike.  They know what they like, they’ve been there and done it, or something close enough.  I like to think that for my age I keep an open mind, but recently, the doors have started slowly closing, hence the  word “almost”.

As I warned in the title, this is a vanity piece!  Will I continue to let my past haunt me?  Probably.  We all have a specific image ingrained in our ego of what we should look like.  I would say that most of us are stuck in our 20s, so every time I look in the mirror I’m confronted with the reality of who I am at 50.  At that point, my inner pragmatist says “Welcome to reality, my dear.  We all age.”  I think a lot of us women are compelled to color our hair and use every quackery type potion that claims will reverse aging because we are trying to reconcile what we imagine ourselves to be and what we are.  At least, that’s the case with me.

Some women can age gracefully, i.e., they don’t look their age, and some women such as myself are going to fight it as best we can.  That doesn’t mean facelifts or Botox injections.  I don’t believe in unnecessary surgery and even the most accomplished plastic surgeons can have off-days.  There are some celebrities whose face work I would mention, but I think that’s harsh.  They have to live with the results.  No, in my case, I’ll color my hair and reconfigure my beauty regimen to best suit what is going on at the time.

I would like to hear how my fellow mature women are handling this in their lives!


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