Fashion trends and project ends

I had a good quick read finding out that hats will be the new IT for next year!  For those of you who will be working the craft fair scene this is good info.

DSC_0012-1 - Copy

Casually laid out.

DSC_0011-1 - Copy

On the hanger, trying to look important!

On the other hand, I finally finished my sweater.  After all the anxiety, the hair-pulling frustration of an oddly written pattern and plain old time and energy spent on this one project, it came out way too big even for the oversized fit I was expecting.  I had to think carefully about what went wrong, and it wasn’t long before I realized that between a pattern of a beautiful sweater written by a novice and my well-meaning-ed modifications, the project was doomed.  Well, not doomed.  All but one of my alterations was actually good for me.  What brought my hard work to a marginal product was the size of needles I used.  The author called for such small needles to work worsted wool and my propensity for slightly tight tension led me to believe it would be wiser to use larger needles for the same results.  The gauge swatch was close enough, so I carried on.  Obviously, not close enough when applied to a much larger area of finished fabric.  Oh, well.  I’m throwing pics of my finished behemoth and the link to the pattern.  I would advise using finer gauged yarn than she recommends!


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