Thinking About the Reader

I ran across this article today and felt I had to comment.

Who Is Your Reader?

Why did I start?  When there are millions of other bloggers out there, what makes my little niche in the internet entertaining in the slightest?  I couldn’t say.  It’s just me.  Am I looking for fame and fortune?  No, and definitely not with this venue.  Who am I writing my articles for?  When I am composing my posts, I visualize a person sitting in front of their computer,  (I know, archaic, but there it is.) checking their email and deleting more than 80% of it.  I see them stopping at a possibly interesting read (mine!), clicking on it and smiling.  I think that’s about it.  I want my posts to be amusing, maybe instructional, and on the odd day, thought-provoking.  Very odd day, as I don’t believe I have posted anything thought-provoking yet!



One thought on “Thinking About the Reader

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