Just sitting here in my jammies, listening to the patter of rain as it falls on the leaves.  As I cough up phlegm and examine the results, my dogs are courageously fighting their cabin fever by alternately chewing on old rawhide and tormenting the cats.

Valiantly working what's left of that rawhide

Valiantly working what’s left of that rawhide


Abused tissue box…

 And another tissue finds its way to the wastebasket already overflowing with used tissues.  Ew.

A small, child-like part of me wonders if I will ever recover, whereas the experienced adult chides the younger, inner self with Alright, Drama Queen.  It’s just a cold.

Just a cold.  Such a dismissive way to describe the way I feel right now.  *pout*

I hate being sick!


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