They said for photographers to give them "kitchen".  Eh, close enough.
They said for photographers to give them “kitchen”. Eh – the pic was taken in the kitchen.

The Daily Post has prompted me again to blog when I’m still feeling sick; but this assignment was too easy to pass on.

“What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us KITCHEN.”

Maybe I’m being too literal, but think about it.  Unless you’re on a low sodium diet, every time most of us walk in to the kitchen to cook, what are you going to use?  Hm?

I understand the post was meant for favorites, and why and the whole history of it, but this sums it up for me, and I believe for many of us.

However, I do remember my first foray into the kitchen when I was seven years old.  It was after school and I was hungry.  My single mother worked and God knows where my older sister was.  Not that she’d fix me anything.  In fact, she would have ensured that I got nowhere near the kitchen and let me go hungry.  You know how mean older sisters are.  >:-| What did I make?  Eggs.  And salt to go in the eggs.  The dog liked them.  I think they were perfectly fine, but I liked my yolks runny, and I had no idea how to make that happen.  So the dog got a lot of eggs that afternoon.

Is this a favorite kitchen memory?  No, but I would say it’s a seminal one.

Author: Glenda

A photographer, knitter, crocheter, graphic media designer and definitely in a major romance with my laptop!

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