So this is my third pair of socks, and each time, I learn something new.  The pattern I follow is cuff down, which is fine by me, but I can’t stand the heel!  And the longest part for me is after turning the heel, picking up stitches and sizing the instep, the one of the easiest parts which should be quickest – the race for the toe!  That takes WAY longer than the rest of the sock, and I don’t know why!  Once I hit the toe shaping, we’re done, but it could take me two days to get there from the heel – giggle!  I must admit, I am in love with the self-striping yarn.  It made my first forays into the wonderful world of sock knitting less painful.

What did surprise me was the face that I actually preferred using dpn’s to the wonderful wonderful magic loop method.  I am such a big proponent of this style of working in the round, it shocked me that I preferred the unwieldy needles.  Eh – live and learn.

Plain, but pretty!

Plain, but pretty!

Fancy-schmanzy editing.

Fancy-schmanzy editing.


4 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. When I learned to knit socks I decided I want going to get secondsockitis so I taught myself with the help of Angete Gillian (I probably spelled that wrong) to knit them top down two at a time on 2 circs. It was a bit cumbersome and they never for me just right. Then I found signature stilettos and the toe up method. Loves me some sock knitting now!

  2. You could always do a short row heel. I knit toe-up socks but you can use short row heels for both. I have a tutorial on my blog about pickingup the wraps that come with short rows but there are also other methods out there.

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