Grand Opening and coupon!

Hey, everyone.  I opened up an Etsy shop tonight and I’m having a Grand Opening Special.  20% off any purchase and the code is “grandopening”.  I will be putting more items  in the shop, just have to get some good pics going.  If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

Now having said that, I promise not to be clogging up your WordPress reader with this info all the time.  Maybe once in a blue moon, because personally, I can’t stand being spammed to death!  Please feel free to pass on this info (of course!) and I’ll see you all in the funny pages.


4 thoughts on “Grand Opening and coupon!

  1. Hey congratulations, that’s wonderful. I’ll have to stop by your Etsy site. I hope to eventually do the same with Etsy. I’m sort of reworking my blog design and hope to get a bunch of art up there in the very near future.
    here’s to your great success

    • Ah. Getting a blog design going that you really love can take some time. I also want some more options, but I think I have to upgrade, and I’m not ready for that yet. My commitment to blogging waxes and wanes! I’m not done at all with the items on Etsy…it’s a little skimpy right now, but I forced myself to open up so I could stay on track. Let us all know when you open shop!

      • Ah, I wouldn’t have braved reworking the blog so soon but my sister has a friend who does such things and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg [those I’ve promised to other societies 😉 ] I’m hoping to put up lots of my art and writing-we’ll see. I hope you stick to blogging I already imagine we’re old tea party buddies… I’ll have to then brave up to Etsy – where I think I’d probably start with graphic tees…

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