While standing in the long, long line at Joann Fabrics, I look around and notice that the colors and crafts are all light, green, pretty. Dang. It’s spring. And I’ve got all this heavy yarn in my basket. I’m getting some beads and earring hooks…maybe I’ll throw something cute and springy together!



4 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Hi there Glenda,
    I’d love to know what you decide to make with Spring knocking at the door. Let’s hope the door doesn’t stay locked too much longer. I love all your projects and enjoy visiting here.
    ps Thanks for visiting my tiny slice of blogworld.

    • Hey AnnMarie – I’m gonna love to see what I make also – LOL. It’s been so long since I used yarn that small, that I’ve been having great difficulty with the project so far. I don’t know if it’s because my eyes are going or my hands just have to get reacquainted with the small crochet hook. Either way, I will be posting.

      • Hey us older gals must keep our eye glasses together and make one powerful lens – great luck and I look forward to enjoying Glenda’s next masterpiece!

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