Playing Ketchup

So it’s a Saturday.  For those of you who work at jobs during the week, this is supposed to be a day of rest.  For those of us who work for ourselves and have time management issues, Saturday and Sunday are generally my “do everything you neglected during the week because you couldn’t get focused!” days.  I didn’t realize until recently how prolific I can be, and handling that creativity is difficult! That’s not my bag, man (think 70s lingo here).  I believe I can officially categorize myself as a tinkerer; a person whose mind is everywhere and yet nowhere!  Is this adult ADHD?  Speaking of which, I really need to change my banner…


3 thoughts on “Playing Ketchup

  1. I never seem to have time for anything during the week. It’s so damn busy. Saturday and Sunday is for catching up and doing all the chores I missed to do during the week. Have a lovely day and enjoy your days of rest!

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