Sweetcorn Salsa

I’m curious. Born and raised in California, I have always been a keen fan of salsas; however, this variation made me think. “Salsa” translates as sauce. What I’ve been eating all these years, I think, qualifies as a pico de gallo, which means rooster’s beak. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their favorite salsa recipe, and that is to include pico de gallo, fruit salsas, veggie salsas, whatever. Personally, I don’t have a specific recipe, but the ingredients for mine are the standard fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and garlic, cilantro and jalapeno, salt and pepper. Easy, classic, and effective!

Can’t wait to hear some other combinations!

Homemade With Mess

When you hear the word salsa there are usually one of two things that springs to mind; for the more energetic of you out there you might think of the Spanish, seductive dance; but for those of you like me (the less energetic), you will probably think of a spicy, tangy tomato based dip. I did however once take up salsa dancing for a short while; this was great fun but was brought to an abrupt ending when I got a glass of wine hurled in my face by a flying hand across the dance floor (note to self, glasses and salsa dance floors don’t mix). I was so incredibly embarrassed by this that I went to the toilets to wash the wine off my face and the first person that asked me if I was ok started the waterworks, and I continued to cry for about three hours! I…

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3 thoughts on “Sweetcorn Salsa

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  2. I have a friend who came over from Mexico. Legally, I assume. 😉 Anyway, he and his wife came over for dinner and he brought some tomatillos and red tomatoes that had been grilled on a skewer. They were all black and I thought, yuck they’re burnt, throw em out, but he peeled them and sauteed them with onions, jalapeno and anaheim peppers. Then he put some cilantro and basic seasonings like garlic, salt and pepper in the blender, added the skillet mixture and whirled it to a sauce like salsa. I stood there holding a chip, anxiously waiting, my mouth watering. This salsa took longer to make than taco dinner at my house. At long last it was ready. I used my chip like a shovel and dug in…. my gringo blood boiled, smoke came out of my ears, my eyes teared and I ran for the margueritas. There was no getting out of it gracefully for me, but my husband loves spicy food and he thought it was the best salsa he’d ever had!

    • I have got to give you my sister’s salsa recipe. She loves hot stuff, whereas I like mine mild to moderate. If you want to spend the day in the kitchen making more gratifying hot stuff, you should try chile verde. That means charring the tomatillos and all. I cheat by using Herdez salsa – LOL!

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