Maybe I’ve gone a little mad…

Well here we are, smack dab in the middle of spring and some beautiful weather, and I seem to be bubbling over with ideas.  After having fun with the pillowcases, I’ve decided I’m going to make an owl toy all on my own.  No pattern.  Just measurements and an idea.

Owl materials.  Don't have the idea solidified, so I just purchase a yard of each fabric!

Owl materials. Don’t have the idea solidified, so I just purchase a yard of each fabric!

And I have yet to figure out what to do with that bulky yarn I purchased and mentioned earlier in this blog, but I’ve got several ideas and patterns forming in my head.  You may be thinking, with on eyebrow lifted in bemusement, She may have gone mad.  But no!  I have a list to help me keep organized…kinda. See?

The List

The mad scribblings of someone who needs to get organized!

Granted, this list is subject to change at any moment.  In the meantime, I feel comfortable enough, feeling secure that I have a “plan”.  Now I just need to act upon it before coming up with anymore ideas that require purchase of more materials!

Which brings me to the catalyst of all this mad creativity: my mother’s coming for a visit on Tuesday.  My theory is, if I throw enough distractions in my mind, I’ll forget she’s coming…for a little while.  It makes sense, in a twisted sort of way.  And don’t act like you don’t know what I mean!  *sigh*

See you all in the funny pages.


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