Calling All Knitters!

I will make this...

AbFab, baby.

Who else has fallen in love with the avocado sweater seen on this Subway commercial?  Must have it!  I am game for any pattern suggestions and would like to get a KAL going!  Are the avocados knit or crochet?  Anyone?  The placement of the needles would imply it’s knit from top down, but it looks like it could go both ways.  Since I’m a fan of the bottom up method, I’ll be sticking with that.  Any suggestions as to what stitch and type of yarn?  I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU…so I could ignore it and do what I want to anyway – LMAO!!!  No, really, I’m open for suggestions here. Can you tell that my mother’s visit is over and I am once again my own person?  Love my mom, but man, she can drive a person crazy.  I know, I know, all daughters says this of their mothers, but other people say this of her also – it’s not just me.  Oh, sigh.  The burdens we must bear as humans. See you in the funny pages!


5 thoughts on “Calling All Knitters!

  1. Haha, I’d never seen that ad before. That’s amazing. It looks to me like a pretty average yoked sweater will 3/4 sleeves and mass-produced avocado appliques, but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to knit or crochet little avocados (I would lean toward crocheting) and attach them.

    • I was thinking the avocados would be a crochet thing myself. The only issue I have is what kind of yarn to use. I would like to wear it in warmer weather, so I’d want something lightweight, and a stitch with also a looser weft.

  2. I haven’t seen that commercial either. If you’re wanting something to wear in warmer weather, I suggest maybe a ribbon yarn knit on large needles (like US 10.5 or 11), or maybe a cotton/silk thick-n-thin or a boucle on large needles to get a little texture going. Take a look at Fiesta Yarn’s Rayon Boucle; or Tahki Yarn’s Ripple or Rosa. In fact,Tahki Stacy Charles has an abundance of yarns in their line that might work.

    Now, patterns, hmmm…These are both from back issues of Knitter’s Magazine. (and this one has one of the yarns I mentioned above)

    A Ravelry search of your own will probably come up with dozens.

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