Yes, yes – I do love you!

Whilst struggling with one damn pair of socks, I have crocheted 3 dolls, a shark hat, 3 bath mitts and knit a classic beanie cap, sewed 4 pillowcases and 3 couch pillows.

Now if I can just do this to our beat up old couch!

Now if I can just do this to our beat up old couch!


I think my husband may be feeling a little neglected at this point, as he is now asking about them on an almost daily basis.  How are those socks coming along?  When will they be finished?  Each time he asks I feel a stab of guilt as I look down on whatever else I’m working on, lying in my lap or in the sewing machine.  I can almost swear he’s being accusatory.  but why not?  He’s waited so long.  He looks at me and I want to say, “Just because I’m not whipping out your pair of socks at lightning speed doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”…but I don’t want to go there.

It’s not that they are particularly difficult socks – it’s a beginner sock pattern.  I think I’m just burned out on socks.  I’ve made 3 pairs, and I want to move onto other things…which I kind of have.  Now I’ve forced myself to finish this project or I don’t get to do anything else.  Wish me luck – !  LOL



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