Do you have a pattern you’ve found and would like to share?

Hey you guys!  I don’t know if I ever announced this in a post, but I do have a page devoted to crochet and knitting pattern links I’ve found on online.  I’ve kinda neglected it as of late, but today I’ll be adding some more.  If you know of a free pattern and would like to link it on the page, please feel free to!

My one stipulation is that everyone is okay with this.  Surprisingly, I have been turned down on some links because the pattern creators didn’t want to be associated with me.  Now, I mention this, because I feel my online persona, Nittin’ Ninja, is relatively mild, and I was surprised by their response, but I did honor their wishes.  People can be funny that way – and it’s ok.  If it’s your own pattern – do it!  Also, feel free to let us all know why you’re sharing it.  A good story almost always enhances the value of just about anything.

Anyway,  I do intend to add a sewing link once I become more proficient with that art, so if you have something now, let me know and I’ll go ahead and add the link page now!

Note:  I finally finished the socks for my hubby and he was so pleased!  Whee!


One thought on “Do you have a pattern you’ve found and would like to share?

  1. I’m thinking your great blog should have a Liebster if you don’t have one already! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you’d like to accept please head my way to check out guidelines, post dated 5/18/14

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