Down Time

I don’t know…socks and me are maybe not such a good combo.  I believe I have found a good sock pattern that I’ll actually be able to use on my feet during business hours; HOWEVER, I’m 70% finished with the pair, and I’m stalling.  I have all these wonderful ideas backed on my project list – you know, the one we all keep in our head (writing it out didn’t help) – just clamoring for me to get started.  And I refuse, repeat, refuse to have more than one project going at a time.  This leads to anarchy and chaos…in my crafting life, at least.  I’ve even dressed up the socks by not following a color pattern and just doing random stripes color changes, but to no avail.  It lies dormant in my customized projects back, the zipper hiding my shame from me.  If I put all my efforts forth from the point on, I could have them ready for wear by tomorrow.  *sigh*

Well, at least all this inactivity is giving the carpal tunnel in my left hand a break.

In the meantime, the drought continues unabated here in California and my wonderful pine meadows are all dried and withered.  The dogs don’t seem to mind too much; they just roll around in the dirt, flinging their legs this way and that.  That of course, leads to wasting more water because I now have filthy dogs that cannot go back in the house.  It all evens out in the end.


2 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. I easily bore with all of my projects, too. That is why I rarely do anything larger than socks and hats. I like that they are portable, so I knit every where.
    I like to knit any time I sit and have idle hands. Watching TV, Netflix, classes on the computer. During lunch at work.
    If I have a deadline looming, it just makes things worse. I end up hiding from it until it is too late. After the deadline, then I shrug my shoulders and get back to it. I usually have just one knit going at a time … except today. I am at the heels on my sock, but just cast on for a diagonal scarf with my handspun silk. Oh, the conflicts!

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