Arm Knitting

Who all here has heard of arm knitting yet?  I understand, and am all for, instant gratification, and this one really seems to hit that nail on the head.  No knitting experience required and  in two hours or so, you have something to wear at a minimal cost.  The set of how-to instructions I stumbled across mentioned the fact that you must have correct tension for the obvious reasons, and one that really caught my eye  – too tight and you cut off your blood circulation and lose your arms.  Ah…an element of danger is also added to this trendy new style.  Admittedly, you’d have to be concentrating so hard that you didn’t feel your arms tingling and going numb nor feel the pain, but hey – I’m sure if it hasn’t happened yet, someone down the line will make it so.  We’re human and that’s what we seem to do.  It seems to be the perfect craft; it’s a new innovation in an ancient art form, and I should be happy.

But I’m not. <:-(

Oh, yes.  It is what I would consider a hand-crafted art form, quite literally.  No knitting needles involved, just use your arms and some thick, bulky yarn and you’re good to go.  But the appearance of it…just hasn’t quite grabbed me.  



3 thoughts on “Arm Knitting

    • I know. I was flipping through my Joann’s mailer and saw this “fashion forward” item being toted as a perfect Christmas gift and to get started now. I was scratching my head, knowing that for them to be pushing this, there are people out there making this stuff. Shees…

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