Freebie Cutie and a Farewell

Here ya go
Click on this picture for the pattern

I have been seeing these cute little zombie heads floating around the internet for at least

You can group them or wear them singularly!
You can group them or wear them singularly!

two years, and every time I see them, I think, “I want to make those.”  And guess who never does?  At least until now!  For me, it’s way easier just following someone else’s instructions, but I couldn’t seem to find those.  So I was forced, FORCED into whipping up these little boogers myself.  They are not hard, but when you’re making up the pattern, for some reason, it becomes an epic venture, even these incredibly easy pins.  But enough whining.  Click on the lovely picture to the left to access the pattern.  Have fun!

Now for the farewell.  After working so hard on my parlor kitty, I had wanted to show it off at work.  I put it down on the front desk where it was out of sight of the patients, but not

Just finished.
Just finished.
At its new home in the kiddy corner.
At its new home in the kiddy corner.

out of sight of the children when they were playing in the kiddy corner.  That’s what we call it.  Anyway, there was a sweet toddler boy playing in the kiddy corner when he spied my parlor kitteh.  Without warning, he grabbed it up and held it to his chest and started playing with it.  He also knew how to meow.  It was so cute watching him play with it and giving it all his love.  When they left the office, I decided parlor kitty needed to become the office kitty where it will be appreciated.  :’-(  I shouldn’t feel bad…I’ll see it every Tuesday and Thursday!

Author: Glenda

A photographer, knitter, crocheter, graphic media designer and definitely in a major romance with my laptop!

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