Unabashed Plug

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for…wait. What? Just checking to see if you were paying attention! Good.

In my recent course of events, thanks to electronic mass media, I have discovered branches of my family that I didn’t know existed. And I’m not talking about distant roots, I’m talking living, breathing, first and second cousins, nieces and nephews. I know, I’ve got a weird, dysfunctional family. And no, there is no “fun” in dysfunctional. I’d like to slap talk to the person who coined that little mock aphorism.

But back to the reason I am posting today. I’ve met family!  I find that great, soothing, life-affirming, wonderful.  My family is very small and any addition gives me…what?  Validation?  Whatever.  I’m enjoying it.  And when a family member starts up a cool online service, well, I’m going to plug it!

The type of service I’m talking about here will definitely appeal to all you writers looking to e-publish a book.  Have a look:


If any of you contact them, tell them who sent you!


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