Blue Jean Baby Fingerless Texting Mitts

DSC_0757 - Copy

The awkward angle was due to the fact that I couldn’t get anyone to take a picture for me – ! >:-(

One of the many projects I worked on during my blog hiatus this month was a simple yet colorful pair of texting mitts I made for my mother while she was visiting.  Every time she comes up,  she freezes, and yet, she always forgets to bring any of the previous hats and scarves I’ve made her.  Hm.  Sounds like she just wants me to make her something new when she’s here.  Anyway, I needed to knit something simple and quick so she could use them while she was cold – stat!  While perusing the yarn at the newly opened local Michael’s Crafts store, she espied some pretty yarn, and of course, being the dutiful daughter that I am, I bought a few skeins and then decided what I should do with it!  I tried to do it on the down-low, which was fairly easy as my mother is at the age where she does a lot of napping.

As usual, the links are down below for the pattern and for the purchase.  Enjoy!






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