Good Causes

walk for a dog

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Now that I’ve had 12 days to mope over my birthday, and only four more days to (hopefully) close escrow on our new house, I wanted to share a cause with you all.  A good cause.  I know, these days, everyone has a soapbox to preach on, but this is something that’s close to my heart, and obviously, many other people.

All it is, really, is an app you can download on either your android or iPhone and put in some basic information, so that whenever you walk your dogs, a portion of money is donated to your favorite animal shelter.  It’s that easy.  And no, no one is taking money from your bank account and no, you won’t be spammed to death from animal-related causes/societies, and yes, it may actually encourage you to get out more with your dog!  It worked for me.

One of my little stinkers!

One of my little stinkers!

I’ve tried putting a banner on my this website, but for some reason I can’t figure it out in the widgets section.  Anyone?  For now, I’ll just put it in this post and in the meantime, I’d love to hear if anyone can help me out on that banner!  BTW, the random text/HTML widget doesn’t cut it.


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