A Pattern Emerges

Oh – snap!  I have neglected my miniscule part of the internet far too long.  It’s not that I don’t think about it…on occasion.  I do miss it.  Somehow, my life has become busy.  Well, at least more cluttered than it was when I started blogging.  Work (that’s a biggie), buying the house and all that entailed, keeping up with my MeetUp, my Facebook page, bookclub, thinking about knitting (!), helping my sister to plan a move up here, a parent visitation….it goes on.  You know, life.

In the midst of all this “life”, I discovered a pattern, if you will, that I use for my particular lifestyle.  It must have occurred when I was scrambling around for a pair of socks.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am soooo not a foot person.  I don’t have a separate closet full of shoes, I don’t hoard sexy socks or whatever, but necessity has me using them.  If it were up to me, I’d run around barefoot like a yahoo.

One hole is fixed, and another is formed

One hole is fixed, and another is formed

So there I am rummaging in my delicates drawer, looking for a pair of good work socks.  Partially through my quest for frugality, and partially through my neglect and disinterest in this department of clothing, I find that my repairs to this particular set is failing.  Note the salvaged heel (which I used blue thread to repair, NOT an appropriate color, which I do own) and see the gigantic hole at the bottom.  What would you do?  Throw them away and continue your search, or wear them one more time and buy some more socks immediately?  Not only have I NOT done that, I’ve worn them twice more since starting this article!!  They’re still in my drawer because I just put them there this morning as I was sorting laundry.

At this point you may be thinking, Damn, Glenda, are you that broke?  We’ll send some money, just put up a PayPal link and promise to get/make some new socks!  Thank you, really, but it’s not necessary.

This revelation lead me to search other areas of my closet/bathroom.  I discovered two refugees

Disco lives!

Disco lives!

Back to stateside, where I had to find a real job

Back to stateside, where I had to find a real job

from the 80s that have come with me on every move (14 times for the sparkly evening shirt I purchased while I was active duty in Air Force!).  The Liz Claiborne was used over and over and over and over…I’m getting dizzy…Suffice to say, it was used up to a few years ago, and then I got too fat to wear it.  😦  I’d still be using it if I could!

This made me wonder about other departments outside the wardrobe closet where my parsimony was employed.  I didn’t have to wander too far, for lo and behold, right on my bathroom counter, I found two more examples of my thriftiness.

Yep.  You know this brand...

Yep. You know this brand…

I do advocate using the store brand on many sundry items as there is virtually no difference in composition, only in the perception of the consumer.  Not on everything, mind you, but on most.

I was starting to feel that my teacher in Home Economics class I had taken in junior high had done an exceptionally good job in subliminal techniques because it had taken me 35 plus years to realize the importance of what she was teaching and that I was finally incorporating these values.  Yessirree bob.  I felt so Suzy Homemaker, that I reached for my most recent knitting project.

The knitting project I’ve been working on forever because I’m using fingering weight yarn that’s composed mostly of cotton but also has bamboo and silk incorporated into its lovely strands and

Beautiful cotton...mostly

Beautiful cotton…mostly

takes forever to make any significant progress.  The yarn that cost $11 per skein, and I got 6 skeins.  A $66 tank top.  Feeling a little dizzy at the excess, I rationalized that I rarely purchase such extravagant yarn.  Then I walked back into my closet where there before me lies all the yarn I had to have, stuffed in projects bags, on the shelves, hanging from their original store bags on clothes hangers, and it hits me.  The pattern emerged.

Am I the only knitter/crocheter who forsakes such finery as socks that are in good repair for the love of yarn?


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