Just in Time for Summer


Au naturel.

I really enjoy my finished knit or crochet items, but the larger they are, the longer it takes me, the less likely I’m going to complete the project within a reasonable amount of time.  Point in case, this simple construction of this Fitted Top.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Well, I did know that I wasn’t slim like the model, nor young like her, so I made a few modifications.  Well,

Their version

Their version

My version

My version

basically, I used the published stitch and most of the sizing, otherwise, I made it my own.  I figured it would be wiser to change the neckline altogether by bringing up the decolletage, lengthening the whole top and making the straps thinner and thereby, more appropriate as a summer tank top.  I used HiKoo’s CoBaSi yarn in Indigo and Natural Olive that I purchase at Got Your Goat because of the wonderful mix of cotton, bamboo, silk and elastic nylon, perfect for hot temperatures.  And it took me months to finish this.  I am happy with the results, though, and intend to wear the heck out of it.


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