That Didn’t Last Long

In my last post, I talked of eating less meat.  At this point, I would like to quote one of my all-time favorite movies,

I never noticed the pumpkins in the background until right now...whoa.

I never noticed the pumpkins in the background until right now…whoa.

The Outlaw Josie Wales, when the character Granny Hawkins, who was sitting in her rocking chair on the porch and sucking on her cob pipe, remarked to wildly overblown stories about our anti-hero while showing off her lovely gums (no teeth – where did Clint Eastwood find these actors?) “All that big talk don’t mean doodly-squat.”

I even had Baked Broccoli With Macaroni and Cheese

I even had Baked Broccoli With Macaroni and Cheese

I had about four or five days where I was good, people.  Good.  I thought, yes, I’m ready.  Now is the time to cut myself back to lean meats when I eat them, about twice a week.

So my actively and unashamedly carnivore daughter tells me of a new deli in Grass Valley that also serves take-away food.  They do organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free food options high quality meats and cheeses and…yeah.  You don’t even have to see the pictures to know who fell off their self-imposed semi-vegetarian diet.  Ah.  At least it was for tremendously good meat.  These pictures really don’t do them any justice, and this was just what we bought on the day.

What’s worse, they’re friendly(!).  And they’re busy.  And they’re Italian.  You see what I mean?  They also sell local goodies.  They’ll be there for awhile.  You may also be scratching your head, thinking, Glenda, you said they offer vegetarian options.  Yea, yea, yea.  Hush.  So those of you wishing to cut back on your meat consumption, this is La Gastronomia in Grass Valley, California.  Bwa haha!

Now I have two places I consider superb that are local.  The other restaurant I speak of also deserves its own post, so I’ll get to that later.

Lesson learned?  From failure comes great discovery!

See you in the funny pages.


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