The Encouraging Thunder Award

I’m sure you’ve all had those days when you get a surprise – a good surprise.  No, not the birthday party where you have to act surprised, nor a random gift from a friend and/or beloved co-worker (though those are nice and appreciated!).  Something more akin to….~wavy, watercolor flashback screen~ being outside on a pleasant spring evening in 1992, when twilight is making its appearance, you’re talking on the long-corded phone, sitting on the

Nope. But close enough.

Nope. But close enough.

porch swing, when suddenly, the southeastern quadrant of the sky lights up in green color – and is gone in the time it takes me to start a gasp.  Yes, this did happen; yes, I wasn’t the only who saw it, and no, there wasn’t an explanation for it.  That was one of those rare instances when the phrase “out of the blue” is quite literal.  What happened today wasn’t quite as dramatic, but was equally unexpected, yet in a nice, warm, fuzzy way.

I was nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award.  (cue sound efx:  thunder)

encouraging thunder award

Whoa…This award is designed to recognize bloggers that are inspiring and encouraging to their readers.  Miss Gaye of GGmadeit graciously added me to her list of bloggers that she found inspiring.  I have been working on this post for some time, trying to think of how to respond.  Nothing clever comes to mind, so a simple “Thank you” will have to suffice. :’-)

How does the award work?

As part of the nomination process, I’m supposed to explain why I blog.  Sigh.  Unlike so many other bloggers out there who have causes and deep ties to the reasons why they’re posting, I don’t really have any burning issues.  I taught myself to knit and crochet about 28 years ago and have had a good run of it.  I like sharing helpful tips, my patterns and tutorials just because.  Simple.

Who Inspires Me:

I must admit that, while I follow a lot of blogs, I do find myself overwhelmed with too much information from various sources, the majority being the internet.  This means that there are days when I don’t even bother reading the notifications before I delete them from email.  On those occasions I actually feel a bit guilty, because I know the effort I put in for even a weekly post can be herculean at times; however, when I do read these glimpses into the lives of virtual strangers, I find myself gravitating consistently to these blogs:

1.)  The Return of the Modern Philosopher – because he can be freaking hilarious!  He’s also very open about certain aspects of his life, and I find myself rooting for this very talented wordsmith.  A good laugh is always encouraging and uplifting.

2.) Avanta Knits – because she inspires me to think.  Not only that, I know her personally!  We met in a book club, where she was toting her needles and yarn, and before I could get to know her (I was too busy fighting depression at the point in my life), she moved across the country.

3.) anntogether – because she inspires me to read poetry.  Those of you who know me know how much I don’t like to read poetry, so this is a huge statement.

If I nominated you and you choose to accept the award because all of you are super busy being fabulous, here are the rules:

When you get this award, you can:

  • Post it and the logo on your blog
  • Pay it forward by nominating others

You cannot:

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim the logo is your own

If you receive the award you should:

  • Give thanks via comments and likes in the blog of the person nominating you
  • Mention the person who nominated you in your award blog
  • Discuss your purpose in blogging in your award blog

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