A Rethinking

Over the last decade, or perhaps more, I have phased out Christmas cards; or at least, sending them.   I have always enjoyed sending out cards, and really enjoyed receiving them, but about 15 or 16 years back, we were in some really tight financial straits, and cards just seemed so superfluous.  It wasn’t a decision made lightly, either.  I wondered if feelings would be hurt, or if misunderstandings would abound.  The clincher was that it seemed to me everyone on my list was doing the same thing.  Each year we received less and less, and I thought, Ah.  Another tradition gone by the wayside.  That’s too bad.

But the years go by and the cards in my mailbox these last two or three Christmas seasons has made me rethink this.  Now I’m starting to feel like Ebeneezer Scrooge.  I have decided that next year I will once again start sending out those decorated bits of paper, maybe making my own or purchasing the boxes of pre-designed cheer.  And as ridiculous as this sounds (it does, I know), I’m excited.  I can’t wait to ask everyone for their mailing addresses, keep tabs of who returns the cards, and finding a spot for all the greetings received!images

What’s your take on Christmas/holiday cards?  Do you send out a ream or are yours designated for certain highly esteemed colleagues and family only?


5 thoughts on “A Rethinking

  1. ahh, the card dilemma. I do still send out Christmas cards to friends and family. For the past 15 or so years, I have made them – 75-100 each. This year I was feeling like that was too much, so I bought cards to send out, but next year, I will be back to making them – people seem to appreciate them, and I like feeling like I really made them something. Some of the folks I send cards to I only hear from at Christmas, so it feels good to keep the connection alive. But it also is a definite undertaking of time and money, a real commitment. So I hear your concerns. Do your best to keep the list short!

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