National Chocolate Cake Day

So easy, so delicious

Why?  Why did no one tell me?!  Well, yours truly will be whipping up a fast and delicious Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.  Yup.  And that’s a previous one that I made pictured above.  It is a universally loved recipe, but it’s origins are unknown.  Does anyone know where this may have originally popped up?  Would love to hear that story!  I’m going to add my version of it here for your perusal.

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake


2              cups flour

2              cups sugar

2              eggs

½             tsp salt

1              tsp vanilla

½             cup sour cream

1              cup butter

1              cup water

4              TBSP cocoa


Mix all ingredients together, except last 3.  In sauce, bring last 3 ingredients to a boil.  Then add flour mixture while hot and cream well.  Pour mixture into greased cookie sheet and back at 350 for 20-25 minutes.  Frost while hot.



½             cup butter

4              TBSP cocoa

1              tsp vanilla

6              TBSP whipping cream

1              lb. box powdered sugar


Mix all ingredients well.  Frost while cake is hot and refrigerate after.


See what I mean?  What is your favorite chocolate cake recipe?  How often do you make it?  Let me know!

Click on the image and it will take you to a website with interesting chocolate facts.


3 thoughts on “National Chocolate Cake Day

  1. Oh I don’t know that there is national chocolate cake day! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂
    Please visit and follow my blog ( or my Instagram (lazymom_cooking) for some recipe ideas

  2. Cake Day, why I’ve never heard anything so scrumptious and worthy of a National Holiday 🙂 I’m marking my calendar for next year. Thank you so much for the recipe, I’ma try it! Cheers. Ann

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