Crock Pot Red Robin French Fries “Review”

This must be one of the most simple recipes you’ll find.  The potatoes aren’t even peeled, you just have to make sure they’re clean and you have most of the spices.  I say “most” because I never have garlic salt.  I just use garlic powder and salt.  Why bother with a review?  I really like french fries and any short cut is right there on my list of recipes to try.

While there isn’t much to critique in the concoction itself, I would beg to differ about the use of the term “French fries”.  They are tasty, but the crock pot method makes the potatoes a bit too moist for my liking.  Maybe the slow cooker used for the presentation cooked on a hotter “high” setting.  I ended up using a fork to eat them instead of my fingers, but as you can see, I ate all of them.

Will I make them again?  Yes and no.  I’ll use the preparation and seasonings, but I’ll pass on the slow cooking method and just toss them into the oven for 30 minutes!



One thought on “Crock Pot Red Robin French Fries “Review”

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