Crafts Fair Season Over And I Killed My Back!

…but not really. I just forgot to take my wonderful chair with me to Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley last night, so I was on my feet, hauling heavy stuff and starving for about 6 hours. How do those of you who work in jobs where you stand for about 8 hours a day…live? To be fair, I’ve had back issues since I was in my robust teens, and live with some kind of pain on a daily, but DAMN! And since I’m wracked up here, I figured I’d make an entry – lucky you.

These are random pics of the event, and the kindly gentleman with the senior chihuahua dog allowed me to take a pic. I couldn’t resist – look at that little sweetie in a Santa outfit!

I must admit that this is the second year running that we haven’t put up a tree. Mind you, I do have some simple decorations scattered here and there to remind me that, yes, it is the Christmas season, but a tree? Since I’m not buying anything for my husband, and my daughter’s gift was digital, I didn’t want to mess with it. Am I turning into that older person you know who doesn’t decorate for anything because they’re just waiting to die? Shit, I hope not! I don’t feel like it, I’ve just got other things going on – none of which are worth mentioning! LOL

I’m full of piss and vinegar today, so I’m also going to add some eye-candy for the fiber artists out there.

Cool, huh? And now that the crafting season is over, I can work on something of my own. I think I’ll make some socks, and not use the Vanilla Latte pattern that I, literally, always use.

What’s going on with you guys? You about done with Christmas and the holidays?

Author: Glenda

A photographer, knitter, crocheter, graphic media designer and definitely in a major romance with my laptop!

One thought on “Crafts Fair Season Over And I Killed My Back!”

  1. Hey Cuz,
    Sorry about your back. Yeah, Brent’s is out – seriously – for the first time ever. The cause? Sitting in a chair for 8-12 hours a day, typing and clicking. So, now he’s in physical therapy. I really do feel for the guy because like you, I have had issues starting when I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I was 18, though that I actually damaged my back taking care of quadriplegics. Standing on my feet, whether I’m standing stock still or moving really gets me all stove up. With the house remodel being finished, I’m now in the process of trying to put things where they belong. This means going through a lot of things and deciding whether to get rid of it, shred it, or if it’s valuable. This process is also proving time consuming.
    Note: since my office is my office; art room; sewing room; instrument, yarn, and fabric storage – not to mention a very large file cabinet that will eventually leave the house – I had no room for the futon. In fact, I had to go purchase another table! So, the 2nd futon is now in the family room, so next time you come to visit, you’ll have a choice. Sleep in the living room or the “family” (music/exercise) room. The living room actually looks like a living room now, sans instruments and sound equipment (with the exception of the piano as it’s always been there) and since it’s Christmas and the living room isn’t packed, we have actually put the tree up! Woot! I got shopping done *before* the last minute and, hopefully, after the Christmas and New Years rush/crush and the tree is down, we’ll have a couch on the window side of the living room.

    To answer your question: “Am I turning into that older person you know who doesn’t decorate for anything because they’re just waiting to die?”
    I don’t think so. We didn’t feel like putting a tree up for a couple of years, mostly due to the remodel, but also didn’t have any family coming over, either! What’s the point? I put up some decorations, but not an entire tree, LOL.
    All that Christmas ‘glitz’ is for the kiddos. Brent and I were kind of glad for a day of quiet.
    That’s all the news for now!
    Love ya, Cuz!

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