What’s been happening and a special offer!

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so I’ve heard. I have discovered that time flies no matter what you’re doing…unless you’re in labor. Then it stretches out, becomes compressed, goes backwards, and you have no idea what the hell time it is nor do you care. All you want is the pain to be over!

Ok. I wasn’t expecting that analogy. It’s been 32 years for me! I guess some things never go away – like my coffee cups. I’ve uploaded a vignette about my “issue” regarding coffee cups. When does it become hoarding?

As far as my knitting and crocheting goes, I am still working on my temp blanket, and still working on my one pair of socks. *sigh*

The crafts season this year is up in the air, and I believe that’s going to be all online. Yuck. I like being at the fairs, talking to people and recruiting new yarn fans! I also like seeing the mixed reactions to my products – they’re not always complimentary, but they’re always interesting.

And now I’m going to hit you with a double plug – ack! For my olla podrida boutique, graphic designs with a retro flair, use this coupon to receive 10% off your total order on anything in the shop from June 25th to July 24th. You can only find here. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ollapodridaboutique?coupon=BLOGFIND

Bitchin' beach tote!
Who doesn’t love a surfin’ pineapple?

And the same offer applies at my Nittin’ Ninja Grahic Designs for the Yarn Obsessed shop! https://www.etsy.com/shop/NittinNinja?coupon=BLOGFIND

Embrace the morning grumpiness!
A perennial favorite!

Thank you so much for checking out the specials! If nothing interests you right now, check in the future and please SHARE. I do update with new designs and ideas on a regular basis, so there will probably be something new next time you visit.

See you in the funny pages!

Selling Like Hotcakes, or an unabashed plug

While everyone about me is doing something constructive with their extra time, I’m sucking on sour persimmons!

Yes, it’s been awhile. My life has been less than stellar, so I didn’t think I would bore you with the details! Everyone is writing about their quarantine time and how they’re effectively handling it by making the most out of the down time.

I have not done this. I signed up for some expensive classes on Coursera and didn’t take them. I mapped out a plan for my overgrown lawn; haven’t finished it. Hell, I haven’t even been working on that many knit or crochet projects. When all of humanity is making lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been handed, I’m suckin’ on the rinds. What gives?

There has been an interesting development in one of my Etsy shops. I have always loved the bear hugging California design. I discovered there’s no copyright, and it’s a freebie. So I downloaded the image, made some changes, slapped it on to some products, and they have been selling like mad! If you want this design, click on the pic immediately below.

Here I am, sporting the beloved shirt. I actually made a local sale while out and about in it!

So, if you know of someone who loves California like I do, if they live here or not, send them this info – please!

In the meantime, I will endeavor to finish one pair of socks – see why I don’t like resolutions made around the New Year? – and I need to show off the quick and easy scarf I made with the cotton yarn I bought in Oahu ~

Yes, I am wearing my bear hug tee as I write, yes, I am tiki-mad and feature tiki designs in my shop, and yes, I am still sporting the quarantine hair!

So what have you been up to?

See you in the funny pages!

Oahu, Snowmageddon, And The Apocalypse – Frig Off!


Hey, everybody. I hope this belated post finds you healthy and, if not exactly happy, at least not panicked. It’s been almost two weeks since my husband and I have returned stateside, and I have been seriously struggling with how to write this entry. I’m tired of grim; I’m tired of fear; I’m tired and extremely saddened to hear about people dying. I can’t even imagine what those families are going through.

 So…how does one write a light-hearted vignette while ignoring the elephant in the middle of the room? Lets start with crafting – the blog is called Nittin’ Ninja, after all. I did have a few days where I totally ignored anything even remotely crafty, like when I was in Oahu. Understandable there. It’s just when I came back from the island a day early to fight a snowstorm to get home and discover we were without power for three days and all the media shitstorm about COVID-19 had people panic shopping so there wasn’t anything on the shelves. You would think that would be perfect for crafting, but it wasn’t. I couldn’t wrap my mind around anything wonderful or artistic. I felt totally numb.

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We hadn’t even gone home yet from disembarking the plane…
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Before shoveling the snow…

But…I realized I needed to catch up on my temperature blanket- I was already 8 days behind. I had to keep making my blanket. So I picked it up, and three days at a time, I caught it up – tada! While playing catch-up, I also started work once again on this cute crochet top I had started while in Oahu.

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The temperature blanket that may well have saved my sanity!
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The cute shirt as of 03/27 in the morning.

And then, to make things feel almost a little more normal – but not really – I received a skein of ooey, gooey, squishy fingering weight yarn I’d ordered before Hawai’i. Yay!!!

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I’d pre-ordered this wonderful skein and totally forgotten about it when I got it in the mail

So, still not normal, but definitely better. I do need to mention that while in Oahu I made some new yarn friends.

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OMG – I just remember that I forgot their names!
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What – you didn’t think I was going to go into a yarn shop and not buy some yarn?

You may notice that there are Christmas decorations interspersed with all the wonderful yarn? The owner, Sylvia Kruse, has merged two concepts here, and strangely enough, it works. Check out her FB page Yarn & Needlecraft Strictly Christmas!I think for the rest of the post, I’m going to do like I did last time and throw some pics out there for you to enjoy and call it quits for today! Aloha!

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On the way to the plane with my hubby!
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First-class bathroom! We were able to upgrade both ways! ;-D
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I absolutely loved these two attendants, and I told them as much…
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3ShejjOF6EEqnswNHO4dR9en2_9M5zoGdGqmNpaz55ku-0EE10_pz3PXNp73WNeSMNAZ9PSwWNjSP1TFtn7wOb2o53UX1XT9NX2AyldXbJ8cAGHqCSxcSLnfEWFF4N6lkGuAGXc3UEsW9yJpOPzmfM_teXFPF3N0PpydWt3Q-HZFlPoblGYXfkeGcUCznBjJ7uCi_u3kcQM0v-HVQDxtKZCmzDgYMbd8wIM3y61DLGXrIzHF5wxH9GVU2qxqZTMWF8cXRIN_K5nV9dAzHEdxMDGo5OE9fKSlCxARG4bkMSEHjF7l8rf_eGziRMSEHmX7HIJ_vgSdgXwfBjlu6OXvbdkFoNbTgV15ebXUS6PEFaa0pUFKNSvECzpiurUzQugV2JzI2H9O8EwCxLGN-is9PPl__9Na3Ik_zyXNQQk7eQFi5K1ekXt_G2RII4DxupzFCdrNNpil2luGRGB0bCAQeejSgLJsJ6wCGWkJ5quP675Ad6NXdlkBNB45Id2xwWKsG02caD5be5Y3iD5ajEdy4UQL-LZjvHRieDgyklQQJtsoa6sjeA7RHkyH6OeNIqjSRYVqQgeJ6OW3PnDjwEiE-toA2Wtb5-ofNS8BCtOXFvC7ma7KdEpqW2G1VKYv6Qx4K9A3577MxeGVEkGcqCLtoY6TwRMxYygaFJ1zLhntFLICJkVR6DuvXPg=w1263-h1683-no
…so they very specifically gave me a plumeria to tuck behind my ear when I disembarked! ❤
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Started on the plane.
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What a spread! (yea, newbie to First Class flying – shut up!)
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Whale watching!
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I mean…look at that! And the locals are probably so tired of this view!
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More Christmas-ey yarn!
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Drenched after a walk on a trail!
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Again with the Hawai’i hair! LOL!
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Haleiwa Harbor
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Crazy Canadian, Angie! She was wearing a sweater and cowboy boots! Hey, girl!
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Mandatory moco loco!
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At Dole Pineapple Plantation. Just had to get a picture of the sky, so blue, and the flora, sooo green!
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The maze map – we found all the secret stations!
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Pearls for my daughter, a June baby.
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Fantastic tree in a parking lot – !
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And these brilliantly colored feral chickens were everywhere on the North Shore.

Mahalo for reading, and stay healthy – please!

Reno, Jimmy Beans Wool, Live Outlaw, and Oahu

What happens when a lazy blogger packs in three months worth of stuff…at least the stuff she remembers!

We’re officially in a countdown to leaving for Hawai’i! Last year we visited the Big Island; this year, we’re going to do Oahu, the North Shore area. I’ll be visiting a yarn store while there, and I wanted to do a live broadcast and possibly an interview with the store owner. Last year, I missed the store owner at the yarn store and that whole thing went kinda flat, so I just took a few pics of the inventory. Lovely stuff, though.

So far, I’ve written a letter asking permission to do all this, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, life, and all its unexpected twists and turns, goes on. Nala my rescue chihuahua, broke into some Valentine’s chocolates just before our overnighter in Reno and we rushed her to the vet. She was given an emetic and barfed her way to wellness!

On the way home in-between bouts of throwing up.

She was feeling better after several hours of napping, but I continued to hover over her to make myself feel better because it sure didn’t do her any good!

You may be wondering why Reno features so prominently in the title, when in fact, Oahu should be the mainliner. Well, if you’re a fan of yarn, and I assume you are if you’re reading this!, Jimmy Beans Wool is synonymous with Reno, and no trip there would be complete without a visit…where I spent waayyy more money than I should have. I indulged in a Namaste Maker’s Backpack, in red, of course, some delicious Peruvian yarn and customized stitch markers. Do I regret it? Nope. Not a smidge. So, yea. We’re good!

Recently, Live Outlaw, formerly Outlaw Soaps, who I work for (or is it for whom I work? *shrug*), moved from the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Northern California to Reno for several valid reasons, but all I cared about was that they were moving away from ME! Wah! I wanted to check out the new warehouse and pick up some goods. Danielle Vincent, CFO and general badass, gave me the grand tour, and all I got were these two pics! Way too busy chatting!!

A quick plug, if you want to try some truly unique and badass soap, click on the link in the above paragraph. It’s no risk because they have an excellent 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In fact, there are quite a few 5-star reviews where the customers returned the product but were incredibly happy with the customer service. It’s a win-win. One of the reasons why I work for them – that, and I get free goodies!

Ultimately, it was my continued journey in the Trailer Park Boys fandom universe that acted as the catalyst in getting us to Reno. Pat Roach is touring the West and East Coast of America doing Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic. Yay! BTW, if you’re not already a fan, you may not get this, sooo, follow the link at your own risk! LOL

So, we actually had fun in Reno, and I suspect this will not be the end of our forays there.

OMG – he wore the hat in a promotional video! Squee!!

And to wrap it all up, I give you a picture of my temperature blanket, in progress until the end of this year ~ ta-daaa!

This is going to be large. Not sure I like my choice of colors, now. LOL!!

See you all in the funny pages!

A Month In And A Month Away

I am really enjoying this temperature blanket I’m making. It’s a little over a month in, since I started it on January 1st. As it shapes up underneath the hook every day, I really want to push it forward. I think the discipline and waiting for every day to do one row at a time is actually a good idea! Unlike other projects that I start hotter than an asteroid entering our atmosphere then burn out midway through, this is a metered attempt. I hope I’m able to finish it!

🏝And we’re about a month away from Hawaii – again! This time we’re going to Oahu and stay in a converted garage on the North Beach. It won’t be the same experience as far as being in a jungle and having all the amenities but I figured we hardly spent any time in that wonderful little cabin. I would have liked to spend just one day enjoying the scenery there, but we had so much to do that we spent most of it on the damn road!

I also need to get started on the design for a scarf. Last year I went to the Bahamas about this time and I was able to go because of one person. I mentioned her last year and I’m going to mention her again. Her name is Danielle Cotton and I want to make her a scarf design that means something to her. Kind of hard. I worry that by the time I finally get around to making this scarf she’s going to be in her eighties and I’m gonna be dead!

In the meantime, we’re going to go see Randy Bo-bandy at a Cheeseburger Picnic in Reno! Yes, you may have guessed this is a trailer park boys related production. I saw him on the cruise last year and he was hilarious! I hope it’s as funny this year.🤩😍

So be on the look out for Hawaii pictures again! I have heard that Oahu is a totally different experience and we’re gonna find out!

Crafts Fair Season Over And I Killed My Back!

…but not really. I just forgot to take my wonderful chair with me to Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley last night, so I was on my feet, hauling heavy stuff and starving for about 6 hours. How do those of you who work in jobs where you stand for about 8 hours a day…live? To be fair, I’ve had back issues since I was in my robust teens, and live with some kind of pain on a daily, but DAMN! And since I’m wracked up here, I figured I’d make an entry – lucky you.

These are random pics of the event, and the kindly gentleman with the senior chihuahua dog allowed me to take a pic. I couldn’t resist – look at that little sweetie in a Santa outfit!

I must admit that this is the second year running that we haven’t put up a tree. Mind you, I do have some simple decorations scattered here and there to remind me that, yes, it is the Christmas season, but a tree? Since I’m not buying anything for my husband, and my daughter’s gift was digital, I didn’t want to mess with it. Am I turning into that older person you know who doesn’t decorate for anything because they’re just waiting to die? Shit, I hope not! I don’t feel like it, I’ve just got other things going on – none of which are worth mentioning! LOL

I’m full of piss and vinegar today, so I’m also going to add some eye-candy for the fiber artists out there.

Cool, huh? And now that the crafting season is over, I can work on something of my own. I think I’ll make some socks, and not use the Vanilla Latte pattern that I, literally, always use.

What’s going on with you guys? You about done with Christmas and the holidays?


When two middle-aged women find wooden blocks at a crafts store.

Hey, my knittahs and crafters! Don’t you love this time of year? Yea, it’s still hot, it’s still summer, but August is to the knitting and crafting world like Friday is to the weekend. The anticipation of cool weather means you’ll be able to follow your passion full-goose bozo style!

Southwest Salad at Noodles
Of course we had to eat before exerting so much energy, searching for yarn!

Yesterday, my friend Donna and I went to Joann’s Crafts and Fabric and had a little fun there. I need to remember that not everyone is on the same energy or interest level as myself when it comes to yarn or knitting. There was a class going on, and I just ran right up and said Hey what’s everyone doing? and I screwed up someone’s stitch count.  She didn’t look too pleased; in fact, she looked kind of pissed. I backed off immediately, then laughed when Donna said, We’re gonna get kicked out!  To further that concept, we happened upon some wooden letters that spelled out the word PENTS.  So, you know what I had to do – I switched out the letter T with the letter I.  We giggled like teenagers, snapped a pic, then quickly walked away.  Yeah, it’s fun to be our age!

Being juvenile at Joann's!
Yarn I hope to transform into great art.
Yea, the veritable mountain of yarn I purchased

Part of my seasonal frenzy includes me rewriting an easy pattern for a rolled brim hat.  While annotating my “improvements”, I’ve discovered that I really like to use the continental style of knitting. After 33 years spent using the throwing method, suddenly, I’m switching hands!  Does that mean I’m going to be using the continental style for everything? Or does it mean I’m just working so heavily on the fair Isle technique that it’s starting to feel more comfortable? Either way I’m embracing it and just going with the flow.

Rewriting pattern for Rolled Brim Beanie while making it.  Love the stripes!

Last year, I had written a lot of patterns that I was going to publish; This year, I will endeavor to get all of them out. It happens! In the meantime, I still must edit my Kitchener stitch video. Damn! Does it seem like I have of a lot of pending projects going on?  I’m always so amazed by crafters who have young children and manage to put out patterns, blog posts, and video tutorials on a regular basis.  In particular, I’m thinking of the ladies behind Whistle and Ivy and Repeat Crafter Me; they have little children and they their output is pretty spectacular.  Oh, I know there are many more working moms out there, but those two came to immediately.  They must have very supportive husbands!

On that note, I’ll end this entry.  See you in the funny pages.

Reelin’ In The Years

Bitching about the Kitchener stitch, outdoor painting, 4 x 4 driving

Naw, we’re not going to talk about Steely Dan and that bitchin’ song. It’s a lazy Sunday and I’ve been editing my Amazon music playlists. Every time I remembered a song I wanted to add, a flood of memories followed. I’m sure I could spend my time better, but eh – some days are meant to while away. I have decided this is one of them.

Then it occurred to me what I could do that was…well, if not productive, then amusing for me! I’ve embedded a video detailing the most difficult part of making socks – the Kitchener Stitch. It’s not a tutorial. It’s just me snagging on about it.

Just me being frustrated!

In the meantime, I continue on my trial month with Outlaw Soaps as their social media content writer. I hope this turns into a regular gig, but like I said earlier, if not, then I’ll just go back to being a customer – their most important job!

With summer in full swing we’re going out with the new Jeep, and discovering areas relatively close to us – COOL! Yea, after Hawai’i, we had to have one! And yea, now we are broke, so the forays are few and far between! We also added a new rescue doggy to our family, Nala and we’re getting to know her. She’s the one smiling! This was a Saturday visit to Donner Summit – see the snow? Yea, that was earlier this month. Neat, huh?

And speaking of cool, a friend of mine and I were able to go out and do some painting. The weather has been sooo mild, it’s gorgeous! Here we are at Emigrant Gap, which is about 15 miles up the road a piece from where I live. As this happened on a weekend, we ended talking to so many people. They’d come up and talk to us, and I thought we should start charging for art lessons! In fact, I let an extremely curious little guy paint on my canvas – hey, it’s acrylic paints. No harm, no foul, and I think he enjoyed it.

Wow. This entry has been all over the place, hasn’t it?! That about sums it up, though. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

A Cheater Post

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeup
In all the excitement of the travel and what-not, I forgot to mention here that I finally finished the Zweig sweater!

So, it begins. With the crafts season coming up in October, I’ve got to roll! I wanted to post something, so I did a video. Enjoy!

World Wide Knit In Public Day: Fail!

What happens when I die-hard yarner doesn’t participate in World Wide Knit in Public Day?

I had every intention of knitting in public on June 8, 2019, even if it was just in the damned park by myself. I didn’t realize until it was too ate that I had scheduled the Colfax Stitch ‘n Bitch for a roadtrip to Truckee on that exact day. When I did find out what I’d done, I put public knitting on the itinerary.

That didn’t pan out; however, I did my part for the yarn industry by purchasing my first organic linen yarn and pattern by Quince & Company. The shop? Atelier in Truckee, California, a great place with art supplies and books in the front and yarn in the back.

All in all, I don’t feel too bad for not knitting publicly. I do it twice a week at the local Starbucks so I feel like I do my yarnly duty all the time. Besides, this was fun also. We’re now trying to figure out another venue for our next road trip, perhaps next month?

What did you do for World Wide Knit in Public Day?