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In my search for the ultimate project, I come across a LOT of awesome free patterns, most of which, sadly, I will not ever start.  However, you may be moved enough to give it a go.  In the drop-down list on the links tab you will find a separate page for each fiber craft.  I try to keep an even count, but if not – eh.  If you know of or have a link, PDF or Word pattern that you would like to share, either discovered or of your own design, please feel free to contact me and I will insert it with appropriate credits.  If this is a discovered pattern, please make sure that the original designer info is left intact.  



February 26, 2015


It would appear, that for some unknown reason, my patterns cannot be accessed from smartphones.  Links to other crafters appear to be ok, but for some reason, the patterns I wrote are not working.  Fortunately, they can still be accessed from a laptop and I assume this also applies to desktops.  If you have difficulties with this, let me know and I’ll see what I can do; maybe if I send you a direct link?

If anyone out there knows what the issue is, please let me know.  Until then, we will do our best.

See you in the funny pages!


9 thoughts on “Crafting Links

  1. Hi! I’m on row 11 (Fold long sides together, sl st the edges together. Turn the hat so the seam is inside.) Does this mean to fold it end to end (left to right) or bottom to top? Also, when it says the sl st edges together do I fasten off?

  2. If I increased the first chain by 8. And increased the hood by 4 rows, where would I place my increase hdc in the next row?

    • Oh, gosh! Sorry about the delayed response! Just divide the number of stitches by 2, in your case, 42/2=21. So work regular for 21 sts, then do your increase 1 for the next 4 sts. Easy peasy!

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