Crochet Patterns

These are patterns I’ve found on the web or made myself.  If you work on any of the projects listed below, please feel free to comment on the pattern to help others make a decision! An asterisk next to the pattern indicates a crocheter favorite based on downloads or crafts sales.

Airy Lacy Shell                                                                            Mike Wazowski Hat

Americana Afghan                                                                     Fringed Palindrome Cowl *

Mustache Pillow                                                                         Hershey’s Kiss Hat

Ombre Basket                                                                             Owl Hat

Harry Potter Sorting Hat                                                             Star Stitch Cuff

Big Dots Little Dots Blanket                                                       Sleepyhead Doll

Corn on the Cob Pot Holder                                                       Zombie head brooch

Halloweenie Beanie                                                                    Monster Beanie

Foxy Hooded Cowl *                                                                  Cuddly Colfax Bear Hooded Cowl *

Cute Lamb Toy!                                                                            The Cheeseburger Hat

Fika Cushion                                                                                American Flag Wreath

Lost Souls Shawl                                                                         Guilin Kimono Vest

V-Topper                                                                                     Baby Booby Beanie

Portland Poncho                                                                         Cowl Hooded Poncho

Easy Kitty Beanie                                                                          Baby Pumpkin Crochet Beanie

Chicken Skodie                                                                            California Little Quail Slouchy

Crochet Big Bay Beanie                                                              Southern Pines Beanie 

Up Early Up North Beanie                                                          Crochet Floor Pouf

Basic Car Seat Tent                                                                     Crochet Cat Bed

Easy To Wear Cardigan                                                               Easter Bunny

18 thoughts on “Crochet Patterns”

    1. Oh, my goodness! I just saw this and clicked on the Mermaid link, and you’re right! I’ll research this. In the meantime, I’ll remove the link. Thank you very much for letting me know.

  1. When increasing the size of the fox hooded cowl, how many times should I increase by 4 to get the correct size for an 8 year old child. Thanks

    1. The child I fashioned the hood around was almost 5 at the time. Depending on your eight year old, I would start with just the four increase, because that yarn is thick.

    1. Hi, Bernie. Did you try to access it from a smart phone? I checked it, and for some reason, I can’t access the pattern from my android, but when I got on my laptop to double-check, I had no problem. That is strange. Sorry about the inconvenience!

  2. Thank you for sharing these adorable patterns! I can’t wait to try the bear & fox hooded cowls! What would you say is the biggest difference between them? It looks like maybe just the yarn and the shape of the ears, but I haven’t read through both patterns fully.

  3. I have been trying to find a free pattern for a small child of a hooded fox cowl. I saw yours and it would work great , but I can’t find the pattern. Can you help? Thanks

      1. Can u please advise where I can find a free knit pattern for sock monkey original sock monkey

        Sent from my iPad

      2. Your best bet would be to search websites like and I found a few patterns, but I don’t know what you consider “original”. 🙂

      1. I will! I taught myself to crochet 13 months ago by watching youtube videos of others crocheting. I’ve been learning how to read patterns and when I get stuck I find a youtube video to show me whatever stitch it is. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you again.

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