While standing in the long, long line at Joann Fabrics, I look around and notice that the colors and crafts are all light, green, pretty. Dang. It’s spring. And I’ve got all this heavy yarn in my basket. I’m getting some beads and earring hooks…maybe I’ll throw something cute and springy together!


Finally! Calorie-free chocolate bunny!

I am a major chocolate afficianado, and as you know, I love me some crocheting and knitting.  So…when I saw this little number available on Etsy, I had to get it.  Cute, quick and gratifying!  For the pattern, click here.   You’ll have fun with this one!

I thought of the little bow tie myself - nyah.
I thought of the little bow tie myself – nyah.

Machined or Hand-knit

While at the doctor’s office yesterday, I had a conversation with the resident nurse.  She asked me what I did for a living, and I told her I was unemployed but currently knitting and crocheting and doing the blogging thing.  She seemed amused enough and started talking about all the new innovations in creating knitted products, without actually knitting, such as the loom.  I whined about this point, saying, “But it’s not knitting!”  Needless to say, that kit-boshed the whole conversation, but it did get my thinking.  Is it still knitting when the finished product looks like knitting but you didn’t knit it?  Yes, yes, I understand that the sweaters one buys at a store are not hand-knit.  Unless the label says hand-knit.

So what am I getting at?  I think I have a problem with crafters taking too many short-cuts.  Yes, there are new techniques to do any number of things in crocheting and knitting, but the fact of the matter is, you’re still CROCHETING with a hook or KNITTING with needles.  When you start using a machine exclusively to get you’re sweaters made, then you’re not knitting, and I don’t believe it can be termed “hand-knit”.   Same as crocheting looms.  That’s not crochet.  Can it still be considered a craft?  Well…sure, but it needs another name!  Is it still art?  Ohh, that’s a gray area.

What are your thoughts?

Kit-bashed baby blanket!

Carefully arranged blanket pic...
Carefully arranged blanket pic…
Some boo-boos that I had to hazard because I loved all the yarns I used.

I finished my niece’s baby blanket in time for the visit!  I have used a kit modeler’s term “kit-bashed”, meaning to put a model together using pieces from other kits because it really fits with this quickie project (can we say “kit” one more time?).  I personalized the colors from a very simple pattern at Lionbrand.com, added a border of my own making to go around each individual square and then again around the whole blanket, then snagged a cute owl applique from Laura Maxell’s blog and made some small revisions on that (see the feet and eyes!)  All in all, it was easy to do; however, the yarn colors I wanted were not all from the same manufacturer and I really wanted the colors/texture of the other yarns, so I took that chance.   As you can see, the squares were not as symmetrical as I would have liked, but I believe it was worth it, especially when I saw my niece see it in person (she follows my Facebook page!).  All’s well that ends well!  What have you guys been working on?

Airy Lace Shell…a lesson learned

So I managed to finish working in all the loose ends, which, by the way, took all of two hours.  Ugh!  I had my misgivings after I first started working on this project that maybe I shouldn’t have chosen this particular one because I look like a barn.  But it looked so pretty, I had to!  Oh, well.  I’ll look like a barn when I wear it!  And yes,the armholes are a bit long so I photoshopped my bra out of a

The cool, collected look


sense of decency and decorum.  I was also surprised that this shirt isn’t more see-through….not that I wanted that.  And it truly is airy because of the open weave.  While I was making it, I doubted that it would be something I could wear in temperatures over 50°F because the top must weigh close to three pounds.

The pattern instructions say this is an intermediate project, but I disagree.  I believe all but the most absolute beginner could finish this.  It’s fast and fun and the pattern is available for free at:


Loose Ends

I have finished my 2-day project after a week.  Eh – it happens.  It is correctly made, but it looks so much better on the skinny model.  On me, it looks like a walking barn!  And we are now at the most irritating part of any crochet or knit project:  tying in the loose ends.  I want it to be over!  >:-(  LOL


Tell me I’m not the only one who has this bad attitude…?

Here is the free pattern where I got it, if you’re interested.  Enjoy!





I like to think I’m fairly serious with my fiber arts, but this person takes that to a whole new level.  I adore the concept of color swatches, but the reality of cost and time involved makes this just that for me…a great concept!  This looks like a tool a professional designer would use.  For those of you deadly serious about color matching, or even just a little curious, I recommend perusing this article.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!