Year’s End and Yarn Fashion Trends

With 2015 rapidly approaching, most of us reflect upon the last 12 months, some of us actually write up a list of resolutions, while others of us don’t really care.  I would put myself in the last category; not that I couldn’t do with a few of the usual resolutions, such as lose weight, but one does not have to wait until the new year to effect that life change.


Over the course of the last several weeks it would seem that I’ve been busy with my yarning, but not in any significant way.  Since I’ve taken up with big, bulky yarns – love them! – my projects have a tendency to last about a day, and then I’m casting about for something else…no pun intended there. I have mentioned, frequently, that I like quick projects for that instant gratification one feels when one is finished, but now, I’m looking for sweater/pullover projects.  The one I started last month turned out to be a dud, and I had to frog the whole thing.  Whoever wrote the pattern didn’t make the sleeves concomitant with the size and I didn’t catch this until I was putting the sweater together.  >:-(  I will be posting the patterns I whipped up with pictures, with either a pattern from me or a link to fiber artist I found.

In the interim, it’s that time for me to post fashion trends information for those of you who are interested.  And guess what?  Bulky yarn is IN!  Enjoy the read.


Blatant Advertising….And a Nudge for the Hookers Out There

You know you want it!

You know you want it!

While doing a countdown to Friday so I may start on the CAL  (yes, that’s a link for the crocheters aka “hookers” out there…click on it if you haven’t checked it out already), I decided to play with some novelty yarn.  I’ve done this particular ribbon-type yarn before, but it’s been awhile.  I rather like this particular yarn because there’s a gold sequin edge along the ruffles.  I know, I know, it doesn’t really sound like my style, but it was so cute, and this color – oh! – had to do it.  And now you can have one too.  Think of how cool it would look on you during the holiday seasons…there are other colors to choose from.  Click on the pic, it will take you there,and check it out.  If you don’t think you’ll like it, but know someone who would, pass it on.  Sharing is caring.  It’s all good.


Arm Knitting

Who all here has heard of arm knitting yet?  I understand, and am all for, instant gratification, and this one really seems to hit that nail on the head.  No knitting experience required and  in two hours or so, you have something to wear at a minimal cost.  The set of how-to instructions I stumbled across mentioned the fact that you must have correct tension for the obvious reasons, and one that really caught my eye  – too tight and you cut off your blood circulation and lose your arms.  Ah…an element of danger is also added to this trendy new style.  Admittedly, you’d have to be concentrating so hard that you didn’t feel your arms tingling and going numb nor feel the pain, but hey – I’m sure if it hasn’t happened yet, someone down the line will make it so.  We’re human and that’s what we seem to do.  It seems to be the perfect craft; it’s a new innovation in an ancient art form, and I should be happy.

But I’m not. <:-(

Oh, yes.  It is what I would consider a hand-crafted art form, quite literally.  No knitting needles involved, just use your arms and some thick, bulky yarn and you’re good to go.  But the appearance of it…just hasn’t quite grabbed me.  


Fashion trends and project ends

I had a good quick read finding out that hats will be the new IT for next year!  For those of you who will be working the craft fair scene this is good info.

DSC_0012-1 - Copy

Casually laid out.

DSC_0011-1 - Copy

On the hanger, trying to look important!

On the other hand, I finally finished my sweater.  After all the anxiety, the hair-pulling frustration of an oddly written pattern and plain old time and energy spent on this one project, it came out way too big even for the oversized fit I was expecting.  I had to think carefully about what went wrong, and it wasn’t long before I realized that between a pattern of a beautiful sweater written by a novice and my well-meaning-ed modifications, the project was doomed.  Well, not doomed.  All but one of my alterations was actually good for me.  What brought my hard work to a marginal product was the size of needles I used.  The author called for such small needles to work worsted wool and my propensity for slightly tight tension led me to believe it would be wiser to use larger needles for the same results.  The gauge swatch was close enough, so I carried on.  Obviously, not close enough when applied to a much larger area of finished fabric.  Oh, well.  I’m throwing pics of my finished behemoth and the link to the pattern.  I would advise using finer gauged yarn than she recommends!


Worn with a rakish tilt!

Worn with a rakish tilt!

Cable detail

Cable detail

Top detail

Top detail

I was so pleased with how quick and easy this beret was to make!  It was hardly what I would call a project it went so fast, even when I had to restart because I got twisted in the round.  Now that I have finished this, I hope I have enough yarn to make some cabled finger-less mittens.  This particular yarn has been used for several different items and it keeps on going.  I didn’t have a color pattern in mind when I started; just kind of changed when I felt like it was time.  It’s organic cotton and probably not the best fiber for a hat, but there you have it.

I have attached the link to purchase the pattern; alas, it’s not a freebie, but well worth the small investment!

Weekend Cable Beret