Knit Freebie Just in Time for Christmas

Here it is, just a week shy of Christmas, and I’m adding a pattern!  Never fear, this uses worsted weight yarn and works up fast.  This year I’ve been really interested in stranding and I love snowmen, so I thought I’d make my own chart and my hat.  I downloaded a chart from Pinterest for the red hat.  I’m sorry – I don’t remember which!  Just enter knit snowflake chart in the search bar and you’ll get so many cool options.  I included the picture so you can see the versatility of the basic hat pattern.  So here it is, just in time for Santa’s visit!


All Good Things Must Come to an End

I'm going to miss his lovely face.

I’m going to miss his lovely face.

After two years of working at the local cannabis clinic, my interests have lead me elsewhere.  I will miss meeting all the people who came in:  the miracle stories, the walking wounded, and the chronic pain sufferers and even the slackers.  They all had their stories; some of them were horrific, some amusing, some were inspiring, but all very human.  When I first started here, I was dubious about the efficacy of marijuana, but after seeing real results, I have now changed my mind; I even got up and made a speech at a city hall meeting to defend our need for a local dispensary.  Anybody who knows me understands I HATE speeches and how much this experience has changed my attitude toward the much maligned cannabis plant.  So it is with mixed emotions that I bid farewell to a controversial field and start some trouble of my own!

I know I mentioned several years earlier that I was having trouble putting aside my camera for good.  I gave away so much because I was “done”.  Since writing that blog, I have had several gigs for friends, mostly as a favor or a trade and I have stumbled upon a cool sideline, doing social media, to include my photography, for local businesses.  These are not what I would consider paying gigs, as so far, I have been doing it for trade.  I get food credits for Cafe Luna, and cheese credit for Wheyward Girl, (no, Wheyward Girl does not reflect my images or my handiwork  – yet!) and honestly, I think I’m getting the better end of the deal on these!  I’m now focusing my attention on other local businesses that are running on a shoestring budget but need the help.  What better way than to offer a trade if cash money is tight?  Let’s keep it local, right?  And you are buying local, correct?!  I won’t get on that soapbox today, because I am guilty of making weekly trips to the closest Wally World for those super economical deals – damnit!vanilla latte socks with two colors

As for my other loves, knitting and crocheting, that goes without saying that they’ll be in my life.  I will continue to make designs, review patterns or tools of the trade and bitch about my latest disaster, be it knitting or crocheting – never fear.  I am currently ignoring a pair of socks, using the basic Vanilla Latte Socks pattern, my fave.  The pattern is free, so snatch it up!

See you in the funny pages!

Post Script:  I just published it and noticed all the links I have in this article – oops!  They’re good references, but you’re off the hook if you don’t want to follow them.

Freebie Cutie and a Farewell

Here ya go

Click on this picture for the pattern

I have been seeing these cute little zombie heads floating around the internet for at least

You can group them or wear them singularly!

You can group them or wear them singularly!

two years, and every time I see them, I think, “I want to make those.”  And guess who never does?  At least until now!  For me, it’s way easier just following someone else’s instructions, but I couldn’t seem to find those.  So I was forced, FORCED into whipping up these little boogers myself.  They are not hard, but when you’re making up the pattern, for some reason, it becomes an epic venture, even these incredibly easy pins.  But enough whining.  Click on the lovely picture to the left to access the pattern.  Have fun!

Now for the farewell.  After working so hard on my parlor kitty, I had wanted to show it off at work.  I put it down on the front desk where it was out of sight of the patients, but not

Just finished.

Just finished.

At its new home in the kiddy corner.

At its new home in the kiddy corner.

out of sight of the children when they were playing in the kiddy corner.  That’s what we call it.  Anyway, there was a sweet toddler boy playing in the kiddy corner when he spied my parlor kitteh.  Without warning, he grabbed it up and held it to his chest and started playing with it.  He also knew how to meow.  It was so cute watching him play with it and giving it all his love.  When they left the office, I decided parlor kitty needed to become the office kitty where it will be appreciated.  :’-(  I shouldn’t feel bad…I’ll see it every Tuesday and Thursday!