Back to Square One…Or Is It Stitch One?

So, just when I was really jamming on my Deadhead Baby Blanket – yea, someone wanted this! – I noticed a gaping hole in my fabric about 4 rows down.  Puzzled, I tried to figure out what caused it.  Normally, we’re talking an easy fix to pick up the stitch, because after counting my stitches, I discovered I was short one; but WHERE I lost it remained a mystery.  I was stumped.  As you can see on two of these pictures, I was pretty far along.  And I also included the point that had me guessing.  If you point out where I lost it, please let me know!

I was so frustrated, I just frogged the whole thing, and we’re starting again.  I’ve decided I’m going to do a different texture, a bit more complex.  Like I need that with this!  Either way, it’ll look good when I’m done and again, Wendy better like this…!

You’re Not Alone

You may have noticed the my blog posts, as of late, have been mostly food entries and many of you crocheters and knitters may be thinking I’ve done a bait-and-switch move.

I assure you that is not the case.

January and February have brought about a general lassitude, especially when it comes to my knitting.  I would compare the progress on my latest project, Lion Brand’s Curvy Girl Cowl Neck Tunic, to that of a snail; however,  I have yet to see a snail move backward and then forward again along the same slime track!  Yes, I have been frogging in an inordinate amount.  Again, I accredit this lack of attention and sloppiness to the general lassitude.  I would also invite you to look at other knitting or crocheting blogs, and you will see a pattern (pun intended).  Feel Good Knitting has posted about her February Blah, and The Sweaty Knitter about her procrastination in Still Kneading, Not Knitting and I know I’ve run across others that slip my mind.  You see?  It happens to all of us, but to some, it’s very specifically this time of year. mr. frog

So, I leave you with this, dear readers, an image of my current project with yet another frog in progress while lying atop two more projects that await to be started and/or finished.

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Frogging and Illegal Burning

The offenders...looking innocent
The offenders…looking innocent

This always happens to me when I’m working on a pullover or a sweater! It’s so frustrating.  The yards of yarn that seem to crawl under your laboring fingers – instead of flying! – as you toil through 29 inches of stockinette stitch.  And to further exacerbate the process, I’m having trouble with the openwork pattern for the sleeves.  It’s a really simple pattern consisting of four stitches:  k2, yo, k2tog repeat across.  But I’m always forgetting the yo, and frogging lace or open work such as this creates an even bigger problem for me.  I’m currently working on a row that has the correct number of stitches, but because I had to frog about half of it, now the pattern doesn’t match up.  *sigh*  After having totally starting over, I have decided no one will notice and I’m carrying on.  But wait – the second frog lead to an incorrect number of stitches that I didn’t catch until I had to start shaping and counting again, so I frogged a third time!!!  We now have the correct number of stitches, the correct pattern set in, the correct number of rows.

The last couple of days have been warm and dry enough to start cleaning up the yard.  It’s been so lovely wet that all the pine needles and branches have been saturated, making fire starting a real pain.  I did try about a month ago during a break in the weather to work on reducing the piles of leaves, but it literally took me 30 minutes to get a flame started, and by the time the fire was going good, it started raining.  So yesterday, with every good intent to finally get the show on the road, my husband and I were piling on the branches and getting a good smoke going, when he turns to me and asks, “Glenda, did you check to see if it’s a burn day?”  I looked at him like he was insane.  Burn day?  Why wouldn’t it be?  It’s winter and it’s been raining pretty much non-stop for the last two months.  I bickered with him on this logic for a about 20 minutes before I gave in and checked.  Guess what?  Yup.  No burning allowed.  Period.  With great haste, we had to douse the lovely fire and hope that someone hadn’t reported us already.  I felt like such a criminal!  Why would the fire department do that?  My husband then explained it’s not only just for fire that they restrict burning but air quality for the whole county.   *sigh*  Today, I dutifully checked the status and yes, we are cleared to burn away.  Just a cautionary tale to always check with your local authorities before burning!!

You Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em…

…know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run…

Now that I’ve got you thinking of that famous Kenny Rogers song, I do want to assure you there’s a reason I bring it up.  Actually, you’ve probably already seen the image that has me fleeing from my latest project.  The

The offending article. Notice I've already taken it off the needles in preparation for frogging!
The offending article. Notice I’ve already taken it off the needles in preparation for frogging!

colors and the transitions just didn’t come out the way I had envisioned.  It was supposed to represent the layers of ocean coming up to the breakers represented by the open wave lace, and then the green for earth.  After the three or four frogs I had to do, I figured it was time for this to go away….

I had recently finished two projects that took way longer than I thought they should and I didn’t want this top to take forever, so I chose an exceedingly simple box top style with no shaping whatsoever, and a cotton yarn that would be easy upkeep for casual summer wear.  When the design for the color transition had to be modified three times, I settled on the last one, even though it still wasn’t what I had originally imagined.  When the colors didn’t want to jive, I had to modify that several times before finding another color of the same type of yarn I’d had in my stash.  My husband joked that I could reimagine this as a Nordic beach.  But it wasn’t until the open wave lace work that made me give it up.  Oh, well.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Is it done yet?

The left and right fronts, and the very beginnings of the back.
The left and right fronts, and the very beginnings of the back.

On September 25th, I set a goal of one month to have this lovely sweater completed.  With two days remaining, the due date looms ever nearer and I’m not even halfway through.  Instead of getting my groove on with cute items and gifts for family and friends this Christmas season, I’ve been mired in an ordeal!  I’m not one of those clever crafters who can have more than one project going at a time.  Coming from a person who thinks, works, and sometimes even speaks in a circular fashion, when it comes to my crafts, curiously, I’m a one-at-a-timer.   Mostly.  My husband works for the Union Pacific as a conductor, and as part of his job, he gets outside at all times of the day (and night) to walk the train for safety inspections.  The route he works takes him over the Donner Summit, and that’s a mighty cold place to be in the winter, especially in the middle of the night, so I made him a heavy-duty cowl.    It took less than a day.  Easy, quick, useful and gratifying.

Detail of right front
Detail of right front

But I digress.  My issue is that I’ve been struggling with some basics, such as counting, and it’s making me mad.

My most recent frog involved a dropped stitch – a dropped stitch!!!  I can’t remember the last time I dropped a stitch.  On the bright side, I have been discovering how to creatively undo and redo stitch types while picking up dropped stitches from 6 rows back and not having to frog.  That is a good thing.  But I want to wear this and not be working on it – wah!  And in my world, when a project is finished, I have at least another

Look at this beautiful yarn!
Look at this beautiful yarn!

lined up and waiting…but that’s another entry.

Happy crafting!