Huevos Rancheros…mostly

So much more to do - !
So much more to do – !

Hey everybody!  Has this ever happened to you?  You’re trying to beat the clock, getting all your young nieces and nephews set up with gifts they’ll actually want for Christmas, and you’re also working on a side project for a restaurant to include pictures of the food at the same time when suddenly, you’re hungry.  And you’re not only hungry for food, you’re hungry for the food you’ve been photoediting.  Problem:  they closed hours ago.  So what do you?

You can almost feel the lightbulb coming on as it rests just inches above your head.  Let’s make something!  Leftover black beans from earlier in the week, the ever present corn tortillas and salsa, eggs, cheese…sounds like huevos rancheros to me!  Since I don’t really care to cook so much as I like to eat, any foray into the kitchen is an adventure for me.  I was so proud of myself for creating something edible.  Just had to share!

Cook of the House

I am not the cook in our family, but fortunately, we do have one.  A serious one.  My daughter Rachel researched her culinary schools and found San Francisco’s California Culinary Academy fit enough to meet her tough criteria.  At least, the curriculum as it was in 2007/2008.  After a hard day at work, literally cooking in ambient temperatures of 100°F plus (thank you California weather), she unwinds by….cooking.  On her days off, she researches new culinary methods, cookbooks and techniques.  So you understand when I say she is serious.

Being serious doesn’t mean somber.  Not in her world.  She saw these whimsical cookie cutters online and had to have them.  This is a visual document of her playing with them.