For the first time in over 30 years…

I’m doing my laundry in a laundromat. Such captivating entertainment!

And it is expensive. Wow. Takes me back to the last time I did this. I was active duty stationed in England. And so young! 

I am also going to take advantage of this down time to update my readers (hi mom!) of what’s going on. 

St. Patrick’s day hat – incomplete

I have been in a strange mood. I should be whipping out bunnies for the upcoming Easter season, but I just don’t have the heart.  Same for St. Patrick’s day. ūüėē I understand life goes on, and I also understand that sometimes, you need to sit back and watch it go by, even though it rankles the hell out of me. 

But I don’t understand what I did to highlight these paragraphs!

I must say all is not lost. I am making headway on my Hawaiian shirt that I attempted last year. 

Wave action!

 I’m not using the same cotton yarn I tried last time, but a more user friendly acrylic. I’m very excited about it and will post the pattern as soon as it’s finished – assuming it makes the cut. 

So, dear readers, I hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday, or as in my case, reliving an experience – and making the most of it!!


Change of Schedule

Yuuup.  That's me all right!

Yuuup. That’s me all right!

In my last post I announced I was looking for a group of crafters to do a Crochet-A-Long on a simple afghan. Something easy. ¬†I received a few likes, but no comments. ¬†I took that to mean a ¬†group of polite onlookers, which would be cool also; but, summer is bearing down upon me and I’ve found myself in a Hawaiian mood. ¬†No, I’ve never been, and yes, I want to go. ¬†I want a plumeria lei and a hibiscus tucked behind my ear, to take the pineapple field tours, walk the beautiful black sand beaches at sunset, go to a luau and drink cocktails with pretty umbrella toothpicks. ¬†I want to be at¬†the peak of Mauna Kea and see the curvature of the earth as the sun peeks over the ocean horizon and to pay incredibly inflated prices at the local McDonald’s because everything is shipped from the mainland. ¬† And let us not forget the muumuus and brilliantly colored Hawaiian shirts. ¬†I even want to hear the strains of Don Ho complementing the relaxing sounds of the waves susurrating as I recline on the beach in the middle of the day…underneath a huge umbrella with layers of SPF 50 sensitive skin lotion still shining whiter than my legs with its zinc content. ¬†But most of all, I want to see the Kilauea Volcano erupt its low silicone, high basaltic lava and create the a’a¬†rocks, so named because the natives cut their feet on the sharp edges of the cooled surface. ¬†I also want to see the pahoehoe lava, so smooth it looks like a pudding set in the shape of ropes. ¬†I want to see the lava¬†drip into a steaming surf from a recently created shelf. ¬†I. Want. To. Go.

Returning to reality, the odds are that I will never make it.

Yes, my shoulders slumped forward as I thought of this.

But that won’t stop me from being inspired by the tiny island state with a big heart that has stolen mine, sight unseen. ¬†(Pictures don’t count!) ¬†In choosing the yarn, I thought of the personality of the state, and the first thing that came to mind was: ¬†relaxation. ¬†I don’t know about you, but knitting something inspired by Hawaii could not be done in wool. ¬†There are a few island nations where this does apply, of course, such as Great Britain and Iceland. ¬†Wool is highly recommended there. ¬†Hawaii? ¬†It had to be one of three choices: ¬†cotton, bamboo, silk. ¬†For economy’s sake, I went with cotton. ¬†No more $60 tank tops here…ahem. ¬†If I stopped making those, maybe I could afford Hawaii!

Progression of color scheme

Progression of color scheme

When it came to colors, I wanted to stay with the relaxed personality range and I used my “go to” colors, blue and green, added some purple and¬†a bit of white. ¬†Continuing with the serene, easy-going theme, I have decided to make this a simple box – no ribbing, no shaping, no sleeves, with a little twist. ¬†How I’m going to accomplish the one aspect of this is beyond me, but I’ll manage.

In the meantime, I will keep the afghan on the back burner.



What’s in the number 52? Looks innocent enough. However, when employed in statistics, it means that whatever you’re polling has a better than half rating; as a decibel measurement, it’s a whisper. ¬†In 1952, the average cost of a home was $9,050. ¬†Additionally, it’s the number of weeks in a year and the number of white keys on a piano. ¬†To be terribly obscure, it’s also a significant number in the Mayan calendar. ¬†We all know how important the Mayan calendar is in our daily lives. *cough*2012*cough, cough*

It’s also means that AARP has been sending you membership cards for the last two years; that you see your doctor twice a year instead of once a year; that you’ve had your colon probed at least once, and the mammograms are really starting to wrack up in number. ¬†And because progressive lenses don’t work for you, you have bifocals and now you’re thinking of tri-focals. old age humor¬†It means you¬†don’t¬†especially know what YOLO means, nor do you care enough to Google it. ¬†Ok…I looked it up. ¬†You Only Live Once. ¬†True enough, but are we¬†saying it that much that it¬†warrants an acronym? ¬†¬†

But,¬†if you’re damned¬†lucky, it means you’re 52 years old and in relatively good health.

Happy birthday to me!

The Cat’s Out of the Bag


Looking like an old hippie - LOL!

Looking like an old hippie – LOL!

I was just going to go to work and back home. It wasn’t a patient day, just time for the office help to get caught up and set up a new computer.¬† So why not wear the tee? And don’t bother with makeup or doing the hair- just put it in a braid. It was appropriate.


Most of the shirt…

As much as I am an advocate for medical marijuana, I don’t use it,¬† and when you live in a small town, you have to tread carefully. So what do I find myself doing? Going to the local grocery store and pizza place. Yea. Treading carefully. If I was to judge by the looks alone, I’d say I was doing the butterfly stroke!¬† Oh, well.¬† No pussy-footing around any more-¬† the cat’s out of the bag!

Quick Note About the “Crafting Links” Page


It would appear, that for some unknown reason, my¬†patterns cannot be accessed from smartphones. ¬†Links to other crafters appear to be ok, but for some reason, the patterns I wrote are not working. ¬†Fortunately, they can still be accessed from a laptop and I assume this also applies to desktops. ¬†If you have difficulties with this, let me know and I’ll see what I can do; maybe if I send you a direct link?

If anyone out there knows what the issue is, please let me know.  Until then, we will do our best.

See you in the funny pages!

The Contents of My Purse

I think it will be the bane and boon for every woman over the age of 44: the well-stocked purse. ¬†You know…the middle-aged woman who works with you in your office; the go-to lady when you have a headache, an acidic stomach, or your button has fallen off and you’ll get either a safety pin, or some highly skilled tailor services for free and said button is repaired. ¬†When disaster befalls your office, she is the one with some chocolate to soothe the nerves, and perhaps, even, a book that materializes out of her magic bag to distract or inform the beleaguered office worker.

Ah, yes. A random pic of the interior of my purse to illustrate my point. Beanos, hand sanitizer, aspirin, cough drops, kleenex, and I know there’s Immodium and Tums in there somewhere!

After all the services you have received from her, there is still a little joke that runs around the office about her age. Yes, the old lady’s purse, and the more she carries, the older she is. And you will never do that, because you’ll be young forever…Or something to that effect.

Yet here I am, carrying, in effect, the contents of a pharmacy. (See image) I have also come to the conclusion that, as I grow older, I don’t care what the young ones think; I’m a middle-aged woman who doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable just so I can be hip, because that’s not happening no matter what I do!

So go ahead and feel smug in your youth. Make the jokes, because I’m going to laugh at them also, knowing eventually, the joke is ultimately on all of us!

Writing 101: Size Matters

Writing 101: Size Matters.

Every so often I will respond to these daily challenges, depending on my mood, the specific assignment and how I feel.  I guess I felt I had to respond to this, even though, in comparison, my comment was rather succint.  I said all I wanted to at the time!

I lived in a bright, little yellow house for the first 17 years of my life with my mother and my sister. I would imagine 12 is in there somewhere‚ĶWhen my mother first rented the place, she told me the neighborhood was very blue collar and quite comfortable. Right around my 12 year mark, I recall changes in our neighbors. Low-rent apartments were built and suddenly, we had to start locking our doors. And it wasn‚Äôt a whole slew of people, just a few that made life what it was because they were dicks. After that, of course, the real estate principle of regression kicked in, and we were compelled to move later on. But 12 was still a relatively good time.”

Has this happened to anyone else?