Finished – and with a little time to spare

I finally got all the gifts for the grand nieces and nephews finished that I’ve been working on for a bit.  I started in September, but I must admit, it wasn’t a totally concerted effort as I’ve actually completed some cowls, hats, mitts, a wrap, and several hoodies.  I get distracted so easily when it comes to my projects – !  Just for that reason, I chose all but one of these gifts to be crocheted.  For me, crochet is way faster and the concentration levels are lower.  The shark hat and my little pony hats and a basic ribbed cowl have no patterns…yet.   The blanket that they’re all resting on is a basic crochet hounds tooth pattern made with Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, (which is so ooey-gooey-licious that I want to make one just for myself) in little girl colors.  The links to all the rest are listed below.

The booty

The booty

Cheeseburger Hat

Boston Harbor Scarf

Hippo Hat

Aviator Beanie

Newsboy Hat

Now for my next big project – getting them in the mail – LOL!  I think this is why I’ve never done home made gift-giving before.

Bah humbug!

Bah, humbug!


Some Halloween Freebies

Click here for the link!

Click here for the link!

It’s coming up on my favorite time of year – autumn, and thereby, Halloween.  I loved running around our neighborhood and getting FREE CANDY!  I remember the costumes, some years really good, other years, just some makeup to grime the face and squeezing into old cast-offs for the “loveable” hobo ensemble.  So you’re not stuck with a last minute throw-together look, I’m putting a link to my Pinterest board aptly titled “Halloween”.  Not all of the pins are patterns, but they comprise an overwhelming majority.  This is by no means a comprehensive collection, but I figure it’s a nice start.  Enjoy!



It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Knit and Crochet Weather

There’s a definite nip in the air and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn colors.  Whee!  With an adieu to summer (I’ve never been keen on that season, except when I lived in England), I am going through my yarn stash and deciding on what to use for which project.  More than likely, I will finish one before I run out to the yarn shops and purchase some more, work on a few from that, and start the cycle again – LOL!  I’m currently working on a pair of autumn colored socks – no, not self-striping yarn – of which you may or may not have read.  By and large, it’s mostly bitching.  I have a love-hate relationship going on with socks, but with each pair I knit, I learn something new and feel more comfortable with the process.  Besides, I have a whole bunch of sock yarn.¹

I would like to do another crochet or knit a-long, but am having trouble deciding exactly what.  The last one I did, Pumpkin Face Throw was actually pretty fun…for me!  I did get some feedback from crocheters having trouble with making the square, and from what I understand, they were seasoned crafters.  That had me kinda stumped.  So, I think I’m going to throw some easy crochet and knit-a-long projects out there to give everybody a sense of accomplishment – so much better that way!  And I will endeavor to post my progress as I did last time.  I think I’ve found a beginner knit pattern that all of us could do and benefit from, but I am going to sleep on it, as specialty needles are required.

Also, I wanted to throw out a reminder that I do have a Crafting Links tab on my blog with free patterns that I find online and if you click on the parent tab itself (don’t click on the drop-down options), you’ll find I have a form you can fill out to contribute your discoveries or patterns.  I do have a pinterest page that has more patterns and pretty pictures of projects I will never be able to start, let alone, finish.  C’est la vie.

See you in the funny pages!


¹See stash

Do you have a pattern you’ve found and would like to share?

Hey you guys!  I don’t know if I ever announced this in a post, but I do have a page devoted to crochet and knitting pattern links I’ve found on online.  I’ve kinda neglected it as of late, but today I’ll be adding some more.  If you know of a free pattern and would like to link it on the page, please feel free to!

My one stipulation is that everyone is okay with this.  Surprisingly, I have been turned down on some links because the pattern creators didn’t want to be associated with me.  Now, I mention this, because I feel my online persona, Nittin’ Ninja, is relatively mild, and I was surprised by their response, but I did honor their wishes.  People can be funny that way – and it’s ok.  If it’s your own pattern – do it!  Also, feel free to let us all know why you’re sharing it.  A good story almost always enhances the value of just about anything.

Anyway,  I do intend to add a sewing link once I become more proficient with that art, so if you have something now, let me know and I’ll go ahead and add the link page now!

Note:  I finally finished the socks for my hubby and he was so pleased!  Whee!