Our Common Ancestry

I saw this post on Facebook today and was surprised.

I say “surprised”  because I didn’t realize people put so much store in national purity.  I lived in England for five years and was painfully aware of their national pride, but didn’t realize that it extended to genetics.  I mean, really?  France was part of England for awhile there, the Vikings raped and pillaged their way up and down their coastlines, and I’m sure the Romans left more than their straight roads and aqueducts.  I’m not a huge history buff, but these events are common knowledge.

Which leads me to common ancestry.  I don’t think I’m especially well read, or clever, or otherwise, but who hasn’t read, or heard, about mitochondrial DNA theory and how we’re all related to the same early homo sapiens sapiens female in Africa several hundred thousand years ago?  These bits of information come up on my Yahoo homepage; I can’t be the only one reading it.  It ties in with human migration over the millenia, also a well-known fact.  The theories of the Aleutian land bridge and how paleoamericans arrived in this neck of the woods, and the book “Kon Tiki” where the anthropologist chronicles his experiment about pre-Columbian South American peoples being able to cross the ocean to Tahiti, and subsequently, to Hawaii, using native materials, are real good examples of possible migration patterns.  Of course, I am citing only two very well known ideas, because there’s way more out there.  Accept it.  It happened.  The “how” is the only dispute at this point.