Baby Photoshoot

It’s a rare event in my life that I can combine two great passions of mine, photography and my crafts. I have a great relationship with my landlady, and when she told me she was pregnant, I thought – ha!  With the advent of little Zoey’s birth, I had the perfect opportunity to do just that.   An outfit was decided upon, which I finished in record time, and we waited.  I had to wait through seven months of her pregnancy – we didn’t get baby bump pics because her husband’s schedule can be insane – and then a scary couple of days while she was in the NICU, and another two weeks of isolation.  So here she is looking sweet and healthy.  God bless her!

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Photoshoot For A Friend

Kris Johnston, a friend and fellow knitter of mine needed some shots done of her work.  I gladly obliged her and had some fun with my camera – love!  Amaryllis Graybill, the model, is so modest about her looks and was a pleasure to work with.

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The Dilemma

You guys, I really need some feedback on this one.  For the last year and a half I have eschewed any professional photography gigs.  I’ve given it up.  There were some valid reasons behind this move.  As anyone who has started a small business in an already crowded market, it can take awhile for business to start picking up.  To add to the normal start-up costs, if you’re not well-connected (because you recently moved 300 miles), that adds a new element in your quest; you must start making connections and be real about it.  Add to the mix a generous dash of low self esteem and anxiety issues, and you begin to understand the hurdles I had to jump in order to start this endeavor.

I gave away most of it in the first year, learning some very important lessons in customer service, technical real life scenarios (like, what happens if your battery runs low and you’re nowhere near a replacement and we’re right in the middle of a ceremony)* and public relations.  When the paying customer began to come in, I would fret.  Am I charging enough?  (Like most uncertain photographers, I wasn’t respecting my craft so no, I wasn’t charging enough.)  What if I don’t do something right?  What if they don’t like the end product?  What if they want me to do something I can’t do?  Is my work original enough?  What if they don’t like ME?  And so it went.  For weddings, I would spend literally hundreds of hours in photoshop, goofing around with the hundreds, some times, thousand plus images I had taken.  Portrait sessions were no less involved when it came to photoediting and the whole time I was driven by fear.  What if, what if, what if?  By and large my clients were happy with the product, and I would breathe a sigh of relief when the transaction was completed.  I had some repeat customers and towards the end, I was actually starting to feel, if not comfortable, a little less tense.

When circumstances lead us away to a different county 60 miles away, I had to seriously think about my options.  Should I start all over again?  Was the agony worth it?  I decided no.  I donated my backdrops, lighting kits, and several other items to the local Salvation Army, so sure was I that I wouldn’t ever need those again.  I wrapped up some loose ends and happily put away all things photographic.

For about six months.


See what I mean?

It started harmlessly enough.  Sophisticated selfies, pictures of my doggies, my crafts, nothing special.  Now I’m sitting here, wondering if I should contact one of my former clients and see if they want a freebie in San Francisco.  (They are incredibly photogenic). arrow


So, you see my dilemma?  Should I start it up again, go through all the anguish, or should I leave my status as a serious amateur?


For you Photoshoppers

One of my faves.  I had to change the color of the balloons since they were yellow and red.

One of my faves. I had to change the color of the balloons since they were yellow and red, and this bride wanted everything in pink!

I have worn many hats in my life – air traffic controller, airplane simulator operator, loan secretary, medical assistant, sales, weight loss counselor, and last but not least, photographer.  I still like keeping abreast of some aspects of my former lives (!), photography being one of my true loves.  I have Vandelay blog site on my home page because they have information for web designers, graphic designers and photographers.  You may already have your own set of actions, but hey, it never hurts to get more, especially when it’s FREE.  Enjoy!