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Free Photoshop Action Bonanza

before and after

You all know how I like to share a good thing when possible.  This is one of them.  I follow Vandelay blog because sometimes their giveaways are just the shiznit.  There are 35 new actions, and the one I used for this image was Strong Matte.  If you’ve followed them on occasion you’ll be thrilled to know that this is a totally new set, though I can’t complain about their older offerings.  Learned all sorts of neat new PS special effects, including glowing lines.  Whoo!

If you like PS actions like I do, you’ll love these.

Free Photoshop Actions

I always enjoy playing around in photoshop and making my own actions, but I tell you, there’s nothing that beats freebies, and they always seem so much better than mine!  Everyone’s vision is different, and it’s fun to see what other people come up with.  I did a before and after image to illustrate only one of the many, many, freebie actions available.  I used this particular one because I love the dramatic change.  Go discover your own at:


A Follow-up Photoshoot

The mother of the newborn girl I had previously taken pictures of wanted me to take pictures of the family, plus brothers, sisters, grandma and their children.  Now I was a little nervous, because taking pictures of so many people and children is a challenge.  As one of the father’s said, it’s like herding kittens!  We ended up having a few mishaps –  goathead thorns found their way into someone’s foot and caused a great many tears and I lost my prescription sunglasses, only to find them later on in someone’s thoughtful care!   But all in all, it was a good time.  I did have to add the picture of the frustrated and bored children at the end because it so eloquently shares a story without words!  Below the gallery is a fun poll – take it and I will answer in about a week!

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For you Photoshoppers

One of my faves.  I had to change the color of the balloons since they were yellow and red.

One of my faves. I had to change the color of the balloons since they were yellow and red, and this bride wanted everything in pink!

I have worn many hats in my life – air traffic controller, airplane simulator operator, loan secretary, medical assistant, sales, weight loss counselor, and last but not least, photographer.  I still like keeping abreast of some aspects of my former lives (!), photography being one of my true loves.  I have Vandelay blog site on my home page because they have information for web designers, graphic designers and photographers.  You may already have your own set of actions, but hey, it never hurts to get more, especially when it’s FREE.  Enjoy!