What’s on my Needles Today

The socks are finished.  Thank you.  It’s been my experience that socks are not a small, weekend project, contrary to their size.  They take awhile, at least for me; so when I finish them, it’s a bit of a disappointment when they don’t fit they way I would like.  I try to work in a lot of negative ease, and this time, I used KnitPicks Stroll Tweed, which must have been slightly larger than the yarn I used the first time I made Vanilla Latte Socks, so I ended up with slightly larger socks.  Oh, well.  They’re still cool looking and I will be wearing them!

Now that those are finished, I need to concentrate on one of the harder projects I’ve ever started.  I say harder, because it’s not something I would normally knit.  I talked about this on my last post, the Deadhead baby blanket!  I love the girl who requested this like I would my own daughter (my daughter is sitting next to me on the couch right now – thank goodness she doesn’t follow my blog!!) or else I would have passed on it.  I am anxious to be done already and I will be following the advice of a blogger friend, Angela of Avanta Knits, and using intarsia for the color changes.  That means that I will be learning intarsia.  I believe I’ve used the method before, way back when, but it wasn’t called that, it was just block color changing.  Not hard at all (clears throat nervously).

As you can see, I have broken the picture down into stitches, but I wonder if this will be detailed enough?  It’s 6″ x 6″, and I’m using Red Heart Soft worsted weight yarn.  Thinking of putting it dead center.  How I’m going to pull that one off will be a bit of good math and a LOT of luck.  The dimensions and numbers I have used were based on the garter stitch, even though I will be using a stockinette stitch for the logo.  Yikes.  I’m going to keep my fingers crossed on this one!


Give a hoot mittens – done!

DSC_0007-1 - Copy

Zipping along nicely…several months ago!

DSC_0003 (2)-1 - Copy

The finished product. I’m not going to bother with block or shaping because they look fine when they’re on my hands!

These mittens were surprisingly easy to knit, even though it was my first time making any kind of hand items.  I finished the left hand mitten several months back, and then I started the leaves sweater and I didn’t want anything to interrupt that ordeal.  When the sweater project was all wrapped up, I immediately resumed this and finished the right hand mitten in a matter of hours.  Wheee!  It felt like a vacation!

I did have some issues with a term I wasn’t familiar with – the “skip”, which I had to look up because I was confusing it with a “slip”.  You will notice I have not put on the eyes.  I’ve decided not to, because I can be really rough on decorative (and functional) buttons.  You can tell it’s supposed to be an owl anyway.  I’ve also noticed that in the representational images, the cuff isn’t as long as mine.  I don’t know if that’s my personal take on it, or are mine longer?  Either way, doesn’t matter.  They’re still too cool.

A really cute, fast, weekend project for you owl lovers and those of you who are needing instant gratification.  Here’s the link: