Do you have a pattern you’ve found and would like to share?

Hey you guys!  I don’t know if I ever announced this in a post, but I do have a page devoted to crochet and knitting pattern links I’ve found on online.  I’ve kinda neglected it as of late, but today I’ll be adding some more.  If you know of a free pattern and would like to link it on the page, please feel free to!

My one stipulation is that everyone is okay with this.  Surprisingly, I have been turned down on some links because the pattern creators didn’t want to be associated with me.  Now, I mention this, because I feel my online persona, Nittin’ Ninja, is relatively mild, and I was surprised by their response, but I did honor their wishes.  People can be funny that way – and it’s ok.  If it’s your own pattern – do it!  Also, feel free to let us all know why you’re sharing it.  A good story almost always enhances the value of just about anything.

Anyway,  I do intend to add a sewing link once I become more proficient with that art, so if you have something now, let me know and I’ll go ahead and add the link page now!

Note:  I finally finished the socks for my hubby and he was so pleased!  Whee!


The Apron is Finished

This is only the beginning!

This is only the beginning!

So while my wrists were taking a break, my scalp was taking a beating….because I was pulling my hair out in frustration!  I am one of those kind of learners that requires making a handful of mistakes before getting it right.  And this time was no different.  First, I purchased the material and the pattern about 5 years ago.  I remember taking it home and trying to lay the tracing paper correctly over the material to cut out the pieces.  That didn’t work.  I had to take it back to the local Joann’s and find out how to do it.  When the clerk told me how (this is one of those small town Joann’s where the employees know what they’re talking about, contrary to the one I frequent now) to lay out the tracing paper.  That little trip took all the steam out of the project and it sat on various shelves – we’ve moved twice since then – until earlier this month.  Thank goodness I remember what the clerk told me!  So, away I went.  And without looking at the pattern itself, after much agonizing over the instructions, I finished.  Notice the craftsmanship, the colors,…the upside-down dog pattern!  I honestly thought it went both ways, so I paid no attention to it.  But you know what?  I want to make more!  More!  Love it!

Next, cool owl mittens!

Giving my wrists a break

So far, so good

So far, so good

Recently, my wrists have been complaining from crocheting and knitting, so I thought I would use my new sewing machine and picked up an easy pattern.  Or at least that’s what McCall’s claims on the package.  So far, I’ve found it to be the worst written set of instructions I’ve run across in a long time!  I have actually sewed before, but it was years ago, 1996 or 1997.  I made several sun dresses that would fit loosely on my body after my hysterectomy.  I don’t remember being so damned confounded!  Eh, who knows.  Maybe I’m just not reading it right or the terminology has morphed.  Wish me luck!

The Scary Part


Knitting is all done – yay!

DSC_0001 (2)-1


So here we are, dawdling over this purse of mine.  I have procrastinated and made excuses  and have had all other sorts of busy life has got “in the way” events; in fact, this post is a clever means for me to delay some more!  I’m scared, you guys.  I still have to make the lining and the pockets and put in the magnetic snap and affix the strap and…wah!  I even bought another sewing machine (for cheap, of course!) so now I’ll have to learn how the basics work – and it is a basic sewing machine – before I can continue.  Oh, golly.  It’ll take me all of 15 minutes to figure it out once I sit down.

To put another fly in my ointment, I discovered that in my zeal to get this puppy finished, I miscounted.  By one bloody stitch.  But I ain’t going back, nor am I going to start all over on this one.  I’ll just have to live with it and hope no one else notices.  Since we’re all friends here, I’ll show you,  just don’t tell anyone!

Oops – and I was steaming when I found it. grrrr

It’s so obvious, you’d think I would have seen it in time; however, I was at least three inches above the boo-boo before I noticed it.  I’d been going back on this one so many times, you’d think I’d never knit a pattern before, and this was the straw that broke this camel’s back!   At least it’s only on one side…sigh.

My dogs are barking because they need to be exercised, meaning I get to be exercised, meaning I get to wait a little while longer before I tackle the sewing machine!  I bet you haven’t seen such elaborate ruses to avoid something before!  LOL!

Hopefully, next time I write about this, we’ll have a functioning purse going on.

Progress at Last

At this point it was so tight I thought the yarn would snap!

It started out easy enough.  I saw a wonderful pattern for a purse and I had to have it, so I purchased it and all the goodies that go with it and started with my usual verve and gusto at the beginning of a project.  First sign I was going to have trouble was when the bottom strip was turned into a complete circle and working in the round began.  Ay-yi-yi!  The author did warn that it would be a little tight.  I swear, everything was squeaking!  But I persevered.

Then I had to figure out how to do the particular loop stitch that she defined.  I was literally scratching my head and cocking it to the side in hopes that I might understand!  I would sleep on it for a night, and then, enlightenment.  Ah.  And then I’d get real happy then realize that my stitch count was off.  And we had to go back several times because of my enthusiasm.  *note to self:  don’t have a compelling television drama going while you’re knitting*

Now we're jammin'.

Now we’re jammin’.

There were also several other rounds of instruction that had me baffled. I don’t why, because they were easy enough and in standard knit language.  Sometimes, I think I may just work myself up to thinking it’s going to be difficult, when in fact, it’s not.

So, we have overcome some obstacles and it’s starting to look like the beautiful purse I saw pictured and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time – or I don’t get the time – to work on this.

Now, after having said I shouldn’t work myself up into a frenzy of worry, guess what I’m doing?  To finish this purse, I will have to line it.  I mean, I guess I really don’t have to, but I want to.  Knit and crochet purses generally need lining or they can’t hold anything.  And you’re thinking “Get to the point”.  Shush!  I will.  I don’t sew.  I mean, not really.  And of course, the lining must be sewed.

So, don’t be surprised if I post another blog with me crying that I ruined everything because I messed up the interfacing or something!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, everyone.

Pssst….I still can’t wait to finish it!!