A Request For Some Feedback!

When you want to be reviewed by your peers, whaddaya do? You post it on the internet!?!

Another cheater post entry – sometimes I just don’t feel like doing any more writing!

Also, here are the shops I want feedback on! They’re in the video, but this way may be easier. https://www.etsy.com/shop/NittinNinja and https://inktale.com/nittinninja

Oh. My. God.

You’re probably wondering “What’s with the title?” I’ll tell you.  I am going to write about the misunderstandings a long-term marriage can experience when it comes to the wife going into a yarn shop.  You know, Oh, I’ll be right in and out because I know exactly what I want.  Now…I did tell him that; HOWEVER, that was only if we went to the grocery store first, then went to Jo-Ann Crafts.  But it didn’t work that way.  We went to Jo-Ann’s first, so I felt I had a little time to play.  Big mistake.  I have never seen my husband of 31 years just keep dogging me to leave.  I was actually a little sneaky, a little willful in wanting to look at all the yarn.  I had another project in mind for a friend, and I thought, well, while we’re here…you know.  But still, he kept bothering me and bothering me until I threw up my hands in frustration and said OK!  Let’s leave.  I think next time we’re out running around and he decides to drop into his hobby shops, instead of waiting patiently in the car with the air conditioner running and all my apps going on my cell phone, I’ll go with him and start whining like a two year-old, “What, you’re not done yet?”  The war is on!  LOL

Oh, and a post script.  You may notice a have a size “I” crochet hook lying innocently among the yarn, and you may be thinking What?  She doesn’t have an “I” hook?!  I want to assure you, that yes, yes I do have an “I” hook, but I’m slowly changing over to the more ergonomically correct hooks in order to alleviate my carpal tunnel symptoms.

Post-post script.  Ok, so maybe I was just having an off day and being a strong, independent woman (and other words that don’t mean “bitch”).  See you in the funny pages!

Here are the colors for the CAL blankie! Ain’t they purty?

Wardrobe Failure

Sometimes the actions of others that appear peculiar at the time are painfully enlightened later on.  This was one of those days.

I live in the mountains and once a week I make a trek to the grocery store, craft store, etc., and pick up a week’s supply of pretty much everything.  Being on a single-income budget, I go where the prices are lowest, and unfortunately, we all know this means…dumdumdaahhhh – Wal-Mart.

I had no make-up, fairly ragged, but CLEAN, clothes on and my hair was yesterday’s style.  I thought, “Eh.  It’s just Wal-Mart.”  Now I did drop off at Jo-Ann crafts, of course, (thinking of selling some items on Etsy, including the bunny) and rummaged around there for about an hour, getting excited over all the fun stuff they have.  Dangerous store.  Then I headed to Wallyworld.

At some point during my excursion through the megastore, I noticed some young men who were snickering when they saw me.  They’d look down the aisle, see me, snortch, and turn away.  Maybe I’m paranoid.  Maybe not.  This happened like two times.  I thought it was unusual and wondered what they’d been smoking/drinking.  I had a nice chat with the cashier and was shocked by the total.  I mean, I did make some extraneous purchases this time, but dang!  I walked out to my car, got in and drove back home.  Normal.  Except for the snortchers.

When I got home I did some chores and felt it was time for a break.  As I sat down on the couch, I heard a small rip, and I knew then.  My favorite pants were dead.  I reached around, feeling for a small break in the cloth and was shocked.  What I found was this:

How did I not feel a draft?
How did I not feel a draft?

I was dumbfounded.  I walked around in this all day?  How did I not see this when I put them on?  How did I not feel the draft?  I kinda laughed, thinking, “Oh, well.  At least I amused someone.”  Then it dawned on me.  I’m probably going to see myself on a Wal-Martian page or something along those lines.

So.  If you see a viral pic of an overweight, middle-aged woman with red hair, glasses, no make-up and her calzones showing through the rend in her pants, it’s probably going to be ME.  And if so, I’ve probably already seen it.  And I’ll laugh just like everyone else!