Cold and Flu Season

As I sit here in the perpetual twilight of my house that is a Northern California winter, clacking away on the laptop, I let out a deep, bronchial

Oh, yea. I feel pretty.
Oh, yea. I feel pretty.  And yes, I have a great RBF.

cough that seems to reach back 10 years.  Oh, yea.  Hurts so good…  As the title suggests, this is about being sick.  Kinda.  Not really.  It’s just a segue.  But read on anyway.

I expect one cold a year, and this one is early.  They normally show up around January or February, so whatever this is, it was in a hurry.  Probably trying to run its rounds before the upcoming election.  (Ha!  Can’t get around that impending disaster about now.  And I also can’t shake the feeling that we’re being played to, and that the actors cast for their particular roles are not very good.)

So back to me, because this is my blog.

Have you ever started a project, let it set for years, brought it out, put it back and let it molder for another few years, and repeated that cycle?  Oh, you haven’t?  Well, bless you!  Because this project has loitered around my consciousness for close to a decade.  Sometimes it’s in the forefront, where I believe I’ll actually bring it out to play, the other times, it sits dormant for years, and then I’ll see something that reminds me, Oh, yea.  I need to work on that.  In an effort to get the damned thing done, I’ve brought it out of its hiding place in the upstairs closet, put it next to the stove in the family room and waited for inspiration to strike.  This ploy has worked a bit.  I’ve brought out my paints and dabbled here and there.

Like my knitting and crocheting, I prefer to work on my projects in a linear fashion, i.e., one project at a time, and if I’m stuck on one particularly difficult task, everything gets backed up.  So for close to 10 freakin’ years my painting groove has been backed up.  Must not be a serious thing for me, because you’d think I’d move on.  Honestly, I have sneaked in a painting or two since…actually several.  They went to a good friend of mine, Miss Pamela Fein (images not available), and my mother, who usually gets any decent* painting of mine.  Ok.  You got me.  I have been painting a little on the side, but I feel like this unfinished still life has been choking me and needs to be done.  Now.

Which brings me back to the sickness.  I’m over the worst of it, I hope, because I’m starting to drain.  I don’t feel like dancing a jig or going out to the costume tonight (damnit!  My husband and I were going to dress up as Bob and Linda Belcher.), but I do feel like…painting.  Being sick has forced me to stay indoors, where I would usually knit or crochet, but not today.

You may be asking yourself, Glenda, why are you telling us?  I would initially shrug my shoulders and play ignorant, but in all honesty, I think I need a boost.  What’s your long-running project that you finished?  What was it that made you think, Ok.  We’re done with having this hanging around, let’s finish it!  Was it writing?  Painting?  Crafting?  Woodworking?  Tell me!!  I want to hear your story.

See? We're almost there. Kinda.
See? We’re almost there. Kinda.

*Don’t judge!

Sickly Sunday

Notice the now useless Powerball ticket!
Notice the now useless Powerball ticket!

It’s a dark and dreary Sunday up here in the mountains. El Nino is bringing northern California much needed rain. A cozy fire burns in our stove, warming the whole house. My husband and I are coughing and sneezing, our bodies the latest victims of this nasty cold everyone seems to be getting. Nothing we consider watching is airing on television right now and since we don’t have cable internet up here, we have to rely on satellite, which is dodgy at best, especially when it’s raining.  So, Netflix casting is out.

This will be an R2D2 beanie
This will be an R2D2 beanie

But all is not lost.  I have a commission to knit an R2D2 beanie and have cast on the required amount of stitches…3 times.  Don’t ask.

One of many angles to use for design purposes
One of many angles to use for design purposes

But I’m still working on the design part.  That will be the challenge here.

And what better way to concentrate by putting in the DVD player the classic movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”?  Yea, you’re right.  That’s why I’ve had to restart the beanie three times!  How many of you use Josey-isms?  “Vultures gotta eat, same as worms” or “Whupped ’em again, Josey” and let’s not forget one that I have posted before and is my favorite “That big talk don’t mean doodley-squat”.  This is one of those perfect movies that came, surprisingly, out of the 70s.  Everyone played their part perfectly…with the exception of Clint Eastwood’s then current girlfriend, Sondra Locke.  We wonder how much better this movie would have been with a better actress.  Oh, well.

And here she is again, cackling at Fletcher's naivete.
“Granny Hawkins” cackling at Fletcher’s naivete.

Hope you’re having a better time today in your neck of the woods!


Worst. Yarnbomb. Ever.

All was still well at this point.
All was still well at this point.

I’m sure a few of you yarn crafters out there had a pleasant I Love Yarn Day.  You made plans, you had fun, made some new friends, and you had fun.  I’m glad for you, and quite envious in the same breath.  I made plans, and that’s where it all started going wrong.

A good friend and fellow crafter, Kris Johnston, posted about a yarnbomb event in both New York and San Francisco, in their respective Union Squares, from noon to 2:00 pm.  I love San Francisco, and I wanted to do something special for this year’s I Love Yarn Day.  It seemed I had found my “thing”.  I contacted Kris and a date was made.  Being the little kid I truly am, not a 51 year-old middle aged woman, I couldn’t sleep very well the night before, so I slept in.  I texted Kris, who was all sweetness and understanding, then ran out of the door.  We’d be a little late, but we’d still catch the action.  That was the plan.

While driving to pick up Kris, I realized I had a headache, and it had the hints of being a migraine.  Sometimes this happens, and then the headache would go away.

I picked up Kris, we gassed up and went.  Being two ladies of a certain age, we had to make a pit stop at Peet’s Coffee.  This took no small amount of time, but we both decided that we’d still be able to hit the yarnbomb with an hour left.  She checked her iPad app for traffic and felt confident that we could navigate around the red areas.  What could go wrong?

By now, the headache has become more insistent, and I realize it won’t go away.   I hadn’t talked about it yet, but feel it’s starting to affect my mood.  Crap.  As we near the Bay Area, traffic slows to a crawl, nothing unusual there.  We cross the Bay Bridge and notice it’s being replaced by something not nearly as fun or impressive looking.  Well, I’m sure it’s an improvement, but I really like the old design better.

We get off at the Fremont exit, and almost immediately, we’re trapped.  And we stay trapped.  Still trapped.  Yup.  We inched ahead whenever we could, but it was very slow going.  We found a parking lot at Union Square itself, get ourselves situated, and found ourselves meandering across the street to hit up the bathrooms at Macy’s before checking out the alleged action.

We weren't going anywhere fast.
We weren’t going anywhere fast.

When we  get there, we found this.  We weren’t that late, and I felt confident that there’d be somebody left behind with their project, enjoying the rare afternoon San Francisco sun, but I guess not.  Pout.

We figured, while we there…you know.  So we went and ate some wonderful Italian food at Caffe DeLucchi on Columbus, then we went for an espresso at Caffe Roma,

Love the lanterns.
Love the lanterns.
Post card that came with the tab - cool!
Post card that came with the tab – cool!
No, we didn’t get any. My headache was so bad by now I FORGOT.

and then hit Molinari’s for some authentic Italian deli salamis and cheeses.  From there it was China Town to walk in all the little shops.

The headache never went away, in fact, Kris had to drive my car back to her home, and then I drove the last hour to my home…of course.  We still managed to have fun, but I was so incredibly disappointed to miss the yarnbomb, and yes, it was my fault for having slept in.  Going to San Francisco is never a waste of time, but can be very trying when it comes to driving.  NEXT time, I’ll make sure not to sleep through the alarm.

So how did you spend I Love Yarn Day?


Just sitting here in my jammies, listening to the patter of rain as it falls on the leaves.  As I cough up phlegm and examine the results, my dogs are courageously fighting their cabin fever by alternately chewing on old rawhide and tormenting the cats.

Valiantly working what's left of that rawhide
Valiantly working what’s left of that rawhide
Abused tissue box…

 And another tissue finds its way to the wastebasket already overflowing with used tissues.  Ew.

A small, child-like part of me wonders if I will ever recover, whereas the experienced adult chides the younger, inner self with Alright, Drama Queen.  It’s just a cold.

Just a cold.  Such a dismissive way to describe the way I feel right now.  *pout*

I hate being sick!