The Contents of My Purse

I think it will be the bane and boon for every woman over the age of 44: the well-stocked purse.  You know…the middle-aged woman who works with you in your office; the go-to lady when you have a headache, an acidic stomach, or your button has fallen off and you’ll get either a safety pin, or some highly skilled tailor services for free and said button is repaired.  When disaster befalls your office, she is the one with some chocolate to soothe the nerves, and perhaps, even, a book that materializes out of her magic bag to distract or inform the beleaguered office worker.

Ah, yes. A random pic of the interior of my purse to illustrate my point. Beanos, hand sanitizer, aspirin, cough drops, kleenex, and I know there’s Immodium and Tums in there somewhere!

After all the services you have received from her, there is still a little joke that runs around the office about her age. Yes, the old lady’s purse, and the more she carries, the older she is. And you will never do that, because you’ll be young forever…Or something to that effect.

Yet here I am, carrying, in effect, the contents of a pharmacy. (See image) I have also come to the conclusion that, as I grow older, I don’t care what the young ones think; I’m a middle-aged woman who doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable just so I can be hip, because that’s not happening no matter what I do!

So go ahead and feel smug in your youth. Make the jokes, because I’m going to laugh at them also, knowing eventually, the joke is ultimately on all of us!

Vintage Stuff

I still have it.  27 years and counting!
I still have it. 27 years and counting!

Hey, everybody!  I bought this pattern booklet back in 1987 because there are also little Amish dolls in it, and I thought they might be a good toy for my baby.  I did make the Amish father and mother, and sadly, they were trashed long, long, long time ago.  I had always wanted to make the rag-style dolls, but I never got around to it.  While rummaging through all my old pattern books, I rediscovered this and thought “Why not?”.  So the idea for the dolls has finally taken root, after all these years and moves and etc., etc…  I have modified the design, slightly, and added another doll, but that does does not take away the kitschy vintage-ness of the finished product.  The images are links to that particular item in my shop if you want to investigate.




Warmer weather and it’s already spring here

With the vernal equinox only a few days away, I’m sitting here in my bedroom with two fans trained on me.  Granted, I am in long jeans and a bit overweight…and I’m upstairs – a veritable triumvirate of increased heat factors!  My projects will most likely be more

Ain't she a cutie?
I had to make her a redhead – after her creator! LOL

along the lines of toys and objects to use, versus warm, snuggly clothing or accessories.

I must show you a sneak peek of what I’m working on right now.  I happened to find an old pattern book in my old pattern book stack!  In fact, since it’s dated from 1987, I do believe it’s considered vintage…does that mean I’m vintage?  LOL.  I bought it when it was au courant and I was pregnant with my daughter.  Crafting wasn’t the industry it is now, and it was hard to find these gems, at least in Texas.  The dolls I made for my daughter are all long gone.  I can’t remember what happened to them over the years and many moves we’ve made, but I do remember I enjoyed making them for her!  There will be two more, dolls of color, one of them my own design, and then I think I’ll sell them as a set or separately.  

See you in the funnies!